Red Dead Redemption 2 – First Person Brutal Gameplay Vol. 22 (Euphoria Ragdolls)

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📺 Red Dead Redemption 2 – First Person Brutal Gameplay Vol.22 (Euphoria Ragdolls)


► In this series I show gameplay/walkthrough using First Person mode in Red Dead Redemption 2. The point of this video is to show new things, some tips and cool places in this game, as well as its mechanics and physics, always in First Person mode. I try to create a story using a cinematic immersion in every episode. Thanks for watching!
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🤠 Funny & Brutal Moments

🔫 First Person Epic Gameplay

👊🏼 Saloon Fights

🏹 The Bow


📢 Note: These videos are not meant to show any kind of violence in real life. The only purpose is to show videogames gameplay and its mechanics. Everything is fictional.

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  2. The bounty at the start of the video lol. I let him tell his son to alert his old gang, then I killed his wife and hog tied him while his son ran away. I then killed his old gang mates when they come to avenge the wife. So basically he’ll be hanged, his wife got shot and his son will be all alone lmao


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