Red Dead Redemption 2 – Funny & Epic/Brutal Compilation #52


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  1. Hey a bit of tips for some people:
    1. Hold L2 and rush towards someone and press R2 when near them, that will push them away.
    2. Go near a person that's on a horse and press O to throw them off the horse, you can do the same with a knife.
    3. When holding a body, press square to drop them, hold square to throw them
    4. Crouch and go behind an NPC and wait till they look forwards, then press O to subdue and knock them out, the other way is to go in front of them press O and you'll pull them down and give'em a nice big punch in the face

  2. Really hope they redo red Dead redemption's 1 and 2 and upgrade them for Xbox One. Make a version were John Marston don't die… For sure I am not the only one who wants that. Fans of red Dead redemption wants the original with John Marston not dying I guarantee it!!!! Please


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