Red Dead Redemption 2- John and Strangers talk about Arthur(all stranger dialogue)

A series of clips showing the unique dialogue exchanged between John Marston and the Strangers that had met Arthur Morgan previous to 1907.

Red Dead Redemption 2- John and Strangers talk about Arthur(all stranger dialogue)

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  1. Johns hair is at 5 in this video. If you do not wear a hat it looks better at a 6.

    His beard is a pencil moustache level 2 and dundreary chops level 2 as well as a chin at level 1 or 2 regular. Just play around until it looks right.

  2. I think that Rockstar shouldn't have left all the quests undone by Arthur available as John. Because sometimes it doesn't make sense. I can accept that they remember Arthur from 8 years even though it's odd but like for example: most of the characters don't look like they have aged, and they are litterally stuck in Arthur's time. You're telling Henri Lemieux stayed the mayor of Saint Denis for 8 years and that the job he needed Arthur to do is still on the line after 8 years?!
    Worst thing is probably the fact that John at some cases have the same dialogues and animation as Arthur and you can feel and hear that it's odd. It doesn't fit John.
    They really should've erased some quests as John and give him more new quests in New Austin and South of West Elizabeth.

  3. Basically word for word except a few lines here and there. Kind of wish Rockstar went in more depth with the character switches. All the characters reacting to Arthur's passing was just crap no emotion from any of them sons of bitches. I thought even the Old man Veteran would have showed more emotion but nope.


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