Red Dead Redemption 2- Marko Dragic's Tragic Fate & His Robot – Full Scenes

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Marko Dragic is a genius scientist who have invented several inventions including robot that later killed him (or not???). Upon finding him dead at his lab, Arthur can read a note about Marko’s plan to create more robots to eventually conquer the world with an army full of robots.

Did the robot kill him and ran away up to a mountain? Or did the robot escape from someone who killed Marko knowing his dangerous plan for the future?

Watch more Easter Eggs:
✦ Tiny Church:
✦ Window Rock Painting:
✦ Witcher Cauldron:
✦ Lonely Giant:
✦ Giant Skeleton Remains:
✦ Meteor Crater & Meteor House:
✦ Old Viking Tomb:
✦ The Time Traveler:
✦ UFO #1:
✦ Pagan Ritual Site:
✦ Pentagram:
✦ Starved Kids in Clawson’s Rest Cabin:
✦ Man Married Sheep & Made Love With it:
✦ Family Dead By Gas:
✦ Devil’s Cave:
✦ The Serpent Mound:
✦ Barrel Rider:
✦ The Hermit King of the Forest:
✦ Man Made Mutant:
✦ Old World Scripts:
✦ Face in Cliff:
✦ Female Fertility Statue #1:
✦ Fossilized Man:
✦ Man Married Sheep + Another Merino Sheep:
✦ Meditating Monk:
✦ The Sad Story of Slave Elijah:
✦ Exploring The Loft and Its Connection with the Giant:
✦ Whale Bones:
✦ Tiny Church & Pagan Symbols:
✦ Warped Tree:
✦ Phonograph at a Boathouse:
✦ Register Rock:
✦ Trail Trees:
✦ Feral Man:
✦ The Hermit Woman:
✦ Serial Killer:
✦ Robot:

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Red Dead Redemption 2- Marko Dragic's Tragic Fate & His Robot – Full Scenes

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