Red Dead Redemption 2 | New Austin Map Comparison | Red Dead Redemption 1 vs Red Dead Redemption2 Evolution

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  1. I'll probably end up playing red dead redemption. I played 2 and I love both the story mode and online. Plus both the games play flawlessly. The fps don't dip too far down.

  2. The only thing I don’t like about rdr1 is the colouring everything just seems to have some weird grey tint over it which I’m glad was fixed in rdr2. It sounds like I’m moaning about the graphics but I think the models and stuff are really good I just HATE the colours

  3. It's very good that Rockstar is not making GTA and RDR every year like EA making FIFA. I never played RDR and i must say even RDR1 looks good and unfortunatly its not for PC.

  4. I may be the only one, but I found RDR1 more atmospheric. It felt more like a western, full of sand, sun, dust and it just felt more, IDK, fun. I felt like being on the wild west. It felt like a Sergio Leone movie turned into a video game.

    RDR2 is incredibly detailed, but its graphics lack some spark, the atmosphere for some reason is not the same for me. It feels less like a western, less of that Sergio Leone atmosphere. Not as much desert, sun, too much mud and green. I get it fits the time period and it's amazingly well done, but it just doesn't pull on heart strings the same way.

  5. амеры дятлы сука сравнили х,,, с пальцем! Когда первая была и когда вторая вышла?! Ещё бы с Супер Марио сравнили…

  6. i dont get why they didnt remaster the first or if anything put out AFTER the second ones release.. easy ass cash grab. Its been ten years.. you have new and old players that would buy it. I never beat the first but im trying to now after beating the 2nd.. i would have been down for a remaster. 30 bucks at most hopefully is fair. But just imagine. And you can also bundle in the undead nightmare game/dlc, that wouldbe EPIC. They have like 99% of the assests and everything now… use rdr2 as a bade and port over the audio etc and missions from the first, make a few new character models if anything.. i mean its not rocket science. Either a remaster or a full on remake.. you can do EITHER..

  7. I hate how empty New Austin feels in the Epilogue. All that extra map but really not much to do. A couple gang hideouts, a couple bounty posters, a few things to discover but that's it. It's just not enough to do so I would totally pay triple the amount for a RDR1 remake within RDR2, even if we didn't get to go to Mexico for whatever reason.

  8. I don´t understand, why the have build the RDR1 Map in RDR2, because for the Story you don´t need 90% of the Space in there. Maybe its important for the Multiplayer?

  9. The horse's hind legs look better while galloping in RDR1. You can see they get a little more spread out and are not so tucked in like RDR2. They even kick out a little to the side here and there while RDR2's horse always keeps its hind legs "tucked in". RDR2's are probably more realistic in some regards since they probably mo-capped an actual horse.


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