Red Dead Redemption 2 Stranger Mission – A Bright Bouncing Boy [Artificial Intelligence Trophy]

Red Dead Redemption 2 Stranger Mission Walkthrough Guide – « A Bright Bouncing Boy » given by Marko Dragic

Red Dead Redemption 2 Side Missions Walkthrough Playlist:


0:00 – A Bright Bouncing Boy
7:43 – A Bright Bouncing Boy – II (only available at night)
17:20 – A Bright Bouncing Boy – III
18:21 – Marko Dragic’s Robot


Video recorded on: PlayStation 4 Pro


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Red Dead Redemption 2 Stranger Mission – A Bright Bouncing Boy [Artificial Intelligence Trophy]

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Comment (49)

  1. I think I glitched mine. I finished the second part where you leave him with his destroyed robot, but I didn't see anything on the mini map to indicate that I could keep going with it so I just went on into the next chapter without going back to find his dead body and now I can't get into the building to grab the lantern and stuff. I tried every different time of day. Any way around this? I'm in chapter 6 now so is there any chance it will unglitch or I can redo it once I start playing as Marston?

    Does it only appear on the compass? Because I check my big map almost daily for updates and I never saw anything, and from what I've seen objects only appear on the compass. So, since I don't google or do walkthroughs to figure anything out in the game (unless it's acting buggy or off) I get penalized for that. Because unless I just happened to be hanging out in the area for a couple days and then walked near the lab to see the icon (which can easily be missed) there's no way I would have known unless by fluke. Pretty lame,

  2. Can anyone help me? I started the mission as Arthur and didn't finish it and now i'm doing the epilogue. Is it still possibile to end it as John? Because it says that the mission is "temporarily unavailable" 🙁

  3. Every time I try to ride up to Dover hill for the second mission even at night it always disappears as soon as I make the turn to get to his lab. I was able to walk in and look around once but now the doors are all locked. I’m in chapter 6 now and the mission barely shows up anymore so I think I’ve missed it completely

  4. For those who think the Robot killed him:
    Marko was not killed by his robot but he was actually murdered by somebody else who stole his ideas so that they take credit for it because as it's shown in the first mission in Saint Denis he was trying to get someone rich to invest in his inventions but nobody believed in him then when he succeeded he got murdered by those who doubted him and stole his ideas (Probably someone richer and more powerful than him) this is actually RDR version of Nikola Tesla who was murdered and got his ideas stolen by Thomas Edison

  5. I feel bad for Marko though. He made a missile shooting toy boat, which America would go crazy for right now. And nobody paid attention to it, which is why he tossed it in the water and the robot he made, he called it his son killed him and left him for dead. It's even worse when he says he tried 7000 times which shows his effort. And nobody care. I feel he was right about Americans.

  6. Pretty interesting

    Arthur and John has the same dialogues for these type of missions

    Except John will say "My friend helped you back at the pond" after that everything goes the same as Arthur's cutscenes

  7. The robot saved the world from a mad scientist who was about to conquer world later on. If you loot the scientist’ lab, you’ll find a sheet that reveals his plan. (Taking over the world)


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