Red Dead Redemption 2 – The Review (2018)

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  1. Thanks to Displate for sponsoring the video. If you click the link and use offer code 'OFF15' you'll get 15% off any purchase:

    And thanks for watching. If you enjoyed the video, be sure to hit the like and subscribe buttons, and if you REALLY liked the video, consider supporting me on Patreon. You get a fancy script every time I do one of my big 'The Review' reviews:

  2. And this is why I am so glad I found this channel, @22:15

    "This is how you use history in your game. Not as a means of crudely imprinting contemporary ideals on historical reality or lecturing the player….."
    IGN, Destructoid, Kotaku, Gamespot, this man gets it! Maybe one day when you are all long gone drowned by all your wokeness maybe you too can embark on gaming like we all do here.

  3. Perfectly balanced review for this game which highlights the good and the ugly. Sadly enough i personally failed to love this game because of how terrible the gameplay was, the shit pacing and the boring lineair missions (to me), but i know there is masterfully crafted beauty in this game, i just couldn't bring myself to appreciate it fully.

  4. I’m sorry, but the things you do actually do affect the world. If you shoot up a town and come back, people will be very hostile towards you. If you’re a good guy, shop owners will lower prices for you. The world doesn’t need to change. That’s not an issue. You’re just nitpicking. Also, saying it’s borderline unplayable is some of the biggest bullshit I’ve ever heard. I agree with some of you’re points, but many others use extreme, unreasonable hyperbole.

  5. Pretty much everything you said in this was bang on, bar there being no pay off in the epilouge. Hunting down Micah is not a pay off? Him sowing seeds of doubt in dutch was pretty much the cause of the entire plot and yet his death is not a payoff to you? Sorry man but this Is a payoff, if it didn't resonate with you thats fine, but it IS a payoff by definition.

  6. Meh, this game was OK, but in general I can’t help but feel that a more linear experience is & always will be where true greatness lies in terms of video games. For example, Metal Gear Solid 5 was a phenomenal game, but I’d much rather play MGS3: Snake Eater any day of the week! & if Snake Eater were to have today’s graphics & current-gen specs, it would be the perfect game to be re-released today.

  7. Don't know what this guy is talking about the issue in Strawberry 31:01 People were not happy of my entrance to the town. In fact you're actions do affect on the all town's you enter. He's other issue is false, those encounters only happen twice with totally different people.

  8. This is almost the only game I play. And I loathe the multiplayer. I've played it three times and am doing a fourth and have over 800 hours into it. Every play through is a chance to tell a better more perfect story of Arthur's adventures. Gold on each adventure and which quest order makes most sense. These are deeply compelling. And auto aum is SO necessary because you are playing as a bad ass cowboy, and we aren't one. Arthur is. Auto aim allows us to step into Arthur's shoes. It isn't my skill that matters it's Arthur's skill, and my only skill is how well can I embody Arthur Morgan. And I can only hope nobody ever ever listens to you pundits begging for less content because you have to play it. Boo hoo. We want to experience the games we love for as long as possible. Hopefully studios focus more on that then reviewer friendly mini games that will cost the same but only package half the fun. I would play Red Dead if it was 1000 hours long and be very happy. The movement is crap, though. It's their focus on the animations and scenes over gameplay so I tolerate it . The rest though has ruined every other game for me. I used to play single player GTA5 and Witcher 3 for my game fixes, with thousands of hours in those single player campaigns, but RDR2 has taken their place. I'm hoping Cyberpunk let's me have another great game to play, but the lack of sim features and lack of cinematic story telling in favor of immersion story telling worries me. I could never pkay more than ten hours of Skyrim. It just isn't any fun, without any cinematic story telling.

  9. I came to this game after marathoning monster hunter world on pc. Funny thing is i thought that game had clunky controls. But as i kept playing and getting better it became buttery smooth. This game sigh….. how the fuck does it control worse that RDR 1. I swear that game had a SOLID cover system. How did the mess that up. Other then that fucking amazing game.

  10. Stranger encounters have flags so you don't have the same encounter twice, so if you had the same encounter that means that it was unsuccessful (for example you scared the stranger by aiming a gun at them or pushed them off their feet) or there was an unsuccessful save.

  11. I don't understand why people say that cover system doesn't work. I think it works perfectly, no matter what rock, what fence you'll see just press the button and character will take cover behind it. The only thing that's is kinda clunky is cover transition, besides that everything worked perfectly.

  12. What put this game over the top for me is ALL of the voice actors were so good in my opinion. Obviously Arthur was played to perfection, he was absolutely nailed. But even characters like Sadie or Charles, I thought they were all voice acted really REALLY well. It drew me into the story even more. Really great job by all of them.

  13. My favorite game of all time, the writing is superb, it takes the characters to the extreme emotionally speaking (for a group of outlaws) and you connect with them, specially with Arthur, I literally cried hahaha

  14. Spoilers, read at your own risk.
    This is such a well elaborated review. But I'm here to say, I never fell under Dutch's spell. But that's just my own personality quirk. But beyond that I still enjoyed this game so much. Knowing Dutch was no good and watching Arthur slowly come tot he realization was a fantastic thing to witness. I also kind of called Arthur was gonna die so early on my sisters wanted to hurt me.

  15. Personally I’m glad that god of war won goty because I believe it just a better video game. I’ve payed through both several times and I swear rdr2 would be better as a western novel than an actual video game. It just feels like a classic western story but dear god does the gameplay feel outdated. Also I think it’s fine if a game talks about historical politics but it’s really annoying when the use modern day politics to lecture the play about their ideological preferences wether or it liberal or conservative I just just think it should be in game most people play games to escape those modern day issues. We don’t need them being brought into one of the few places we can go to forget about how shitty the world can be.

  16. I love this review, all the points are good and understandable, but the issues with controlls and the repetitiveness did not strike me as that big issues issues really. Adressing the control problem i personally being a seasoned gamer can distinguish cover that you can stick to and see how the arena is built. Yes, thinking like that can pull you out of the immersion a bit, but the dressing, the enviroments are quite immersive so you can distinguish cover from non cover while still feeling youre in an actual shootout. You say the combat is non evolved and repetitive, but in my mind it didnt need to evolve, what DID need evolving was the physics engine and the reactions of getting shot, that is what mattered to me and oh boy it is satisfying to shoot people. The detail of dismemberment, shooting a vein and seeing the guy run while bleeding, a guy dropping on his knees dinamically and differently every time with the help of the kill cam has made killing a buhgillion people entertaining with every bullet. For me this game was the game i wanted, granted with some paceing issues, but nonetheless i can fully immerse myself in the roleplayish cowboy role effortlesly. What does break my immersion though is killing 50+ people in one shootout and there is basically no consequence to that.

  17. bruh i totally agree with everything you said in this review.

    i found the epilouge too out of place aswell. it made me forget the great ending by discracting me. i havent played trough it yet.

    after the game i also went back to a spot of interest. during the epilogue, i went back to the latest camp to try to find arthurs skeleton since i chose the bad ending. too bad i found nothing.

  18. You gave Division 2 a better review than you gave this game LMFAO and SMH if thats not the telltale signs of someone who was paid by ubisoft I don't know what is. I mean I understand you have to make a living but all that time and effort you put into building your reputation as a trusted source is flying out the window because of a quick buck from massive and ubisoft. Although your not alone in experiencing a backlash due to ubisofts slash and burn tactics. Good luck on your path and may you prosper. SHIrTTY out.

  19. The first thing I did when I finished the game was that I went to Horseshoe Overlook and thought about the good ol times I had listening to everyone and chatting, even if it was the same lines over and over again. Then I went to visit Arthur’s grave and felt nostalgic and sad and wanted to play as him again because I felt that I rushed through the story with him and didn’t get everything that the game offered me.

    Now I’m on my second playthrough and Im exploring everything and getting all the experience and uncover everything that I can within each chapter

  20. I gotta apologise. I don't know how it happened nor do I remember seeing this video, but I had it disliked and I don't know why.
    I watched it now and see no reason to dislike it, so I gave it a like instead. Did YT mess up or was I too drunk to tread the internet at one point?

  21. I get the things u don’t like about the game like the meaningless slaughters that take place, but it feels like u rushed the story for the review, the world apart from pretty is full with weird shit that u can’t find unless u take the time to explore this world and really feel it, every time I got out of the way to complete a challenge i found something like a legendary animal to hunt, a special location for the journal, a rare weapon, one of the ripper locations u name it, it’s not just about the scripted events, it took me about 100 hrs to finish the game and I enjoyed every bit of it, that being said this game CAN NOT be rushed if u really want to enjoy it because if u do it feels so repetitive. Sorry for my English, I love your channel and the laymon gamon!

  22. The combat hasn’t evolved since 7 years ago?! GTA 4 came out in 2008! That’s the core of this outdated control scheme and combat design. That’s 12 years!

    I’m hoping they’re working on a new engine right now.

  23. Politics is fine if done intelligently. That's what nearly all media and entertainment are failing so badly at. Rockstar are making everyone look bad with this game. If the combat was good it would be perfect, so maybe there should be a flaw in there somewhere. That way Neil Druckman doesn't have to cry himself asleep thinking about his inadequacies. At least not every night.


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