Red Dead Redemption II Day 4 – Live with Oxhorn

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  1. Mr. Oxhorn, couple of points that were not brought up during the stream:

    1) You can use 'G' to pat your horse to calm it down while riding. No need to go to the menu. Regular patting will also increase horse bonding. Also, while on a horse, 'B' is shortcut for brushing and 'R' for feeding the horse. And 'H' whistles for your horse.

    2) Talk to the people at your camp between yellow missions. Otherwise, you'll miss some of their character development. For example, you could have talked to John after he told his story about his problem with wives – a missed opportunity.

    3) You can double tap tab to put some style into your weapon holstering.

    4) You can see which bodies you have looted on the map. The ones that have not been looted have a black X on them, and once looted the X turns to grey.

    5) You can hold shift to ride fast, and then put on cinematic mode by holding 'V'. That way you'll get to relax a bit on longer journeys and still travel fast.

  2. Hey it's one of your fans I have been watching you for a bit and I'm really trying to start my own thing like you. You inspire me start my own if u can give me a few pointers to start me up ty happy new year

  3. I love this game! Think maybe next Friday go half caff on the coffee? lol. Need to slow down and take a minute to explore some of those random encounters and hidden locations Arthur keeps passing. Find more valuable items, make more money for camp improvements!

  4. Btw Ox, yesterday i told you that you could only fast travel from the main camp (which WAS true) but after playing yesterday i realized they released an update at some point that allows you to fast travel from camps you set up in the wild as well.

  5. Mr ox horns i have a working copy of fallout 2 multiplayer online,if you want it i can share then you can host in your machine so we can all play,i usually dont share my rare files or make them public but you deserve it
    if you are interested reply this or mail me

  6. @Oxhorn to inform you your camera posts pics on your Rockstar Social Club account, If you go onto the Rockstar Social Club account you can go to photos and search up photos that players have taken in both GTA V and Red Dead 2. So the remaining film amount shows the amount of Photos alottment have left on your Social Club Account.


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