Replying to Comments: RX 5700 XT vs. RTX 3060 Super

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Video Index:
0:00 – Video Introduction, Welcome HUBinions
0:52 – Why not compare the 5700 XT with the 3070 Super?
3:22 – Steve is a green boi
3:38 – Steve doesn’t get Ray Tracing, or do you not get Steve?
5:48 – Addressing an upset viewer
7:58 – Why not test with DLSS 2.0 enabled?
11:46 – Can you recommend the 5700 XT with DLSS support?
12:36 – Where is HUB’s DLSS 2.0 video?
13:09 – HUB makes excuses for AMD.
15:54 – Final Thoughts

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Replying to Comments: RX 5700 XT vs. RTX 3060 Super

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Comment (21)

  1. I've been looking for a budget GPU for two months and Yes, that's my dilemma: either 5700xt or 2060s. Maybe I would secure myself with nVidia's stability than taking the additional fps. Still under consideration 😀

  2. The direct competitor for the RX 5700 XT is the RX 2070 not the 2070 Super. The RTX 2070 is consistently more expensive than the RX 5700 XT so how could the Super be the direct competitor? The RTX 2070 Super is considerably more.expensive than both cards.

  3. My Hyundai Sonata competes with a Bently. 4 doors, front engine, petrol powered. Both hit max speed limit of 70 mph here in the States. Bently a tiny bit more well appointed, smoother, quieter, quicker, but the Sonata absolutely kills it in MSRP. Can't recommend the Bently to anybody. My Sonata is for sale at slightly over MSRP, if you're interested.

  4. Hmmm dumb people that should not be using the pc. It would save so much problems 🙃 Most of the driver issues are from conflicts with older drivers and many different things. I find it annoying when people complain and blame of stuff they don’t understand.

  5. The lesson here is obsessive brand loyalty is the next evolution of retardation almost every comment here was some one intentionally taking what was said out of context / ignoring what was said all together… to shove their retarded opinion on their prefered brand

  6. You wrote "RX 5700 XT" before "RTX 2060 Super" in the title… Imma gonna out you as red team agent!!!…. I tell you what people need to get a life. Thanks for all your informative videos. They're great. Most of the negative comments just come from dudes that have never done a video in their lives and have no idea how much effort it takes.

  7. Die hard amd fans are retarded they always fall back on performance per dollar….performance for dollar. But at the day if you took the 5700xt and the 2070 super and showed the data to a regular person who doesnt know price they would say the 2070 super is better. So at the end of the day just because amd die hard fans have a wallet the weight of a feather doesnt mean the 2070 super is worse because they cant afford it.

  8. The Nvidia fanboy rage is strong in this one XD (Not you at Hardware Unboxed, the people from the comments). I love these red team/green team wars, so much fun, the green team goes so red when they actually get competition lol. It is definitely interesting how much of a comeback AMD have made over the past few years, it caught both Intel and Nvidea with their pants down in the RND departments, although I will give NVidea due credit, at least they bothered to respond in a reasonable fashion, unlike Intel who continues to get destroyed.

  9. I have the rx 5700 xt, and while it is a strong card,, it must be a flawed design because its been out over a year and still does not have a truly stable driver. With the headaches this card has been giving me, i would trade it in a heartbeat for a new EVGA RTX 2070 super ( and i used to be a hard core ATI fan)


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