RTX 3060 vs RTX 3070 vs RTX 3080 vs RTX 3080 Ti Test in 8 Games

NVIDIA RTX 3060 vs RTX 3070 vs RTX 3080 vs RTX 3080 Ti in 1440p (i7 8700k) World of Warships – Games …

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  1. i bet the rtx 2060 is updated this year to be better, this is 1440p anyways and most people would use 1080p monitors/laptops, soooo-
    also it seems that everytime you upgrade you get 20 FPS more

  2. This is the best test on youtube to tell you why 2070 should be considered over 2060 if you want to play RTX enabled games. The VRAM is the factor where you see micro stuttering and making the screen feels choppy (like in 0:20 to 0:21). But only for title that needs that much VRAM. you could also release more vram if you lower the texture setting. however it is very likely that more up coming titles will need it

  3. У меня 1080 карта и все игры тянет спокойно менять ближайшие года 5 точно нет смысла , ну а через 5 лет можно будет и 2080 купить , но в 2021 году покупать для игр за такие деньги не вижу смысла когда 1080 тянет все и так хорошо и огромный запас еще на много лет вперёд.

  4. I have a RTX 2070 and thinking about buying a 2K (1440p) 144 monitor is it even worth it to try with this video card gaming in 2K? It seems all games run on 60-90 fps on average. Which is good number anyway but for 144 hz is it really worth it? What do you think guys. Should I buy the 2K monitor or be stucked with FHD 144hz?


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