RTX 3080 and 3080Ti on Ryzen… will it bottleneck??

We tested the fastest GPUs from NVIDIA to check for bottlenecking on the Ryzen 2700X… ○○○○○○ Items featured in this video available at Amazon …

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  1. Nice video explaining most of the compatibility related things to consider, but I would like to point out to also pay attention to CPU bottleneck, as I feel like it is a very underrated topic in general on YouTube and elsewhere. I am writing from my personal recent experience here. Recently an AMD Radeon R9 280X graphics card (stock – never overclocked) died in my personal Gaming PC build from 2014. I am still running Intel Core i5-4670K processor (stock – never overclocked – only running OC Genie on the MSI Z87-G43 ATX Motherboard for the last couple of days, which is a very mild overclock for the CPU and RAM 16GB DDR3 1600MHz), as I didn't feel the need to upgrade over the last couple of years. I would like to build a new gaming PC soon, but I am currently waiting for the big AMD Navi graphics cards to be released. Anywho, I digress. So, what happened is I have researched the current new AMD graphics card market pretty extensively and researched the "bottleneck" term and other compatibility problems related to CPU and GPU working together. I did all of this before purchasing a new graphics card that would replace my old and dead AMD Radeon R9 280X graphics card. So, in the end, after a lot of comparing and stuff, I decided to go for AMD Radeon RX 590 graphics card, as the value for money is very good in my opinion when looking at the current new market where I live (UK), and then the problems continued… Once I installed the new AMD Radeon RX 590 graphics card into my current gaming PC and launched Battlefield V (which is my main favourite game for the past few months), I started experiencing severe stuttering (unplayable for me), random crashes, freezing in game, etc. So, I monitored the CPU and GPU usage, and both were near the 100% mark, for the GPU 100% usage is good, but for CPU 100% usage is not so good as it means CPU bottleneck, which I feel is the reason for the bad experience that I am having with the new graphics card. So, in conclusion, do not purchase a graphics card that is more powerful than your CPU. I think that most YouTubers and other Tech people do not really mention this problem and assume that everyone is or should be using very powerful CPUs. I just felt that I should share my experience with you guys so that you can avoid this hassle. I am going to be returning the graphics card and purchasing a different one, one that is more suitable for my current CPU. I am thinking about getting AMD Radeon RX 570 graphics card from the used marked, as I found very nice deals on Ebay.co.uk for manufacturer refurbished model and therefore it is very good value for money and nice performance for what it is. Finally, remember to take your desired monitor resolution and refresh rate into account guys. I am using 1440p 144Hz. I know that my current gaming PC build is more suited for 1080p, but ohh well, I am going to upgrade soon anyway… maybe… 😂🤣 Amen. Take care and happy gaming folks! 😎😉

  2. So with this in mind, I have the R5 3600 I'm looking to buy a 3070/3080… in the hopefully not too distant future.

    As far as I'm aware the R5 3600 and the R7 2700x are fairly comparable in performance. So given the power of the already available card and a realistic jump in performance on the next gen cards. Is 3600 going to bottleneck the fuck outta 3070/3080… Obviously we can only speculate at this point, but it's a question I need answering lol

  3. I have a 2080 super and was thinking of getting a 2700x .i only play racing Sims in vr and have a i56400 wondering if the 2700x would be a good purchase for that combo…thanks for vid

  4. ive got a 1700x and 32 gigs of corsair vengeance ram (rated to 3200mhz) anytime i try to overclock my ram speeds to 3200mhz my computer will bsod on me when playing some games… anyone know if its the cpu or could i have a batch of bad ram or i may just not be doing it right

  5. PROBLEM… Did u figure out the anomaly? I ha e a 2700x and a 2070 super and I cannot get it to run properly! Most games (especially in vr) only using 60% gpu no matter how high or low the settings.

  6. Jay whores the term Bottleneck too much. My CPU is 7yo old !!! I've got an i7-4960x Ivy Bridge Extreme w/ RTX 2080ti and run games like Quake and Division 2 in 1440p with great benchmarks

  7. I think in benchmark they acted identical .
    But in real gaming acted deferent and Tom braider Ryzen 7 2700X win over i7 8700k that means most the game optimization for Intel CPU .
    I hope more game in future optimized for AMD CPU after 2nd and 3rd generation of Ryzen get significant improvement in IPC .

  8. Hey Jay, I've been having an issue with my build as far as bottlenecking. It's my first ever build so I dived head in without doing a lot of research. As time has gone by I've added things I had hoped would help but Shadow of the Tomb Raider keeps bottlenecking on me. I have a Aorus X399 Xtreme with a 2950X, 64 GB of 3200 ram (divided into 4 sticks), and an Aorus 2080ti Xtreme Waterforce and finally a corsair hydro x to cool it all. Can I get some tips, cause I'm kinda at a loss. I'm not entirely sure how to overclock and it's been one headache after another.

  9. I think the ryzen 7 3700x and the 2060 super or even 2070 super is absomutely perfecr and you cna get maximum performanc out of everythign I see so many people getting the best fpu and having not the best cpu and getting less fos then a 2060 super and a 2700x or 3700x and there like why is it not performing as well because everything you have needs to handle everything else lol I see it on so so many comparisons


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