RTX 3080 & RTX 3070 Release Date & Specs Leak

RTX 3080 Release Date & Specs Leak along side leaked RTX 3070 Release date & Specs… The RTX3000 leaks, along with their timing, give us some pretty …

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  1. I have a GTX1080 and up until a month ago was using a 1080p screen, no problems in most games. I upgraded my monitor to 1440p and the GTX1080 isn't quite cutting it anymore for some more demanding titles. Definitely looking to upgrade when these new cards come out.

  2. Price to performance is what matters,20 series of RTX cards were underwhelming especially when compared to pascals performance,this could be another GTX 1080 TI moment again AMD promising to deliver big Navi,except this time theres a very good chance for them to deliver compared to how Vaga delivered.
    Nvidia have to deliver better price to performance and i think they will and possible price reduction on the higher tier cards.

  3. I'm waiting to see the price… from there I will either go RTX 3070 or RTX 2080 or wait and see what AMD has to offer. I'm currently on the 1070, it's still a decent card at 2k but I'd like to get my hands on a raytracing capable card as with the consoles supporting it from the end of the year. Ray tracing is going to be popping all over the place within the next year or so.

  4. Sitting on a 1080TI on 3440×1440 100hz. Still not really running into issues maxing out most games (not including settings that are pointless to turn on).
    As enticing as the 3080TI will probably be, i guess i'll wait another gen.
    That is assuming the generational leap is the same as it's been in the past years.

  5. Would it be wise to wait for the 3000 series or should I just buy a card rn? I really wanna play A++ games and competitive games at a higher level. Waiting half a year for a card is kinda killing me, but if it's for the best, I'll do it. I was thinking of getting the RTX 2080 but now I'm thinking of getting the RTX 3080.

  6. yes, i can't wait for more competition to come out, the more the better, current cards will become cheaper, including from the red side to compete with nvidia and then AMD will come out with faster cards and then nvidia will drop prices again and so on and so on, i think some cards at the moment are a little high on price so more competition the better. as for your question what im running im running a 1660 super in my main pc and a 5700 in my racing simulator

  7. Running a 1080Ti for 1440p 144 fps play, and since so few games currently support RTX, I'm not all that excited about that feature. There's going to need to be a big performance uplift at a reasonable price to get me to upgrade. That, or RTX is going to have to really take off to make an upgrade to be able to use it worth it.
    No excitement at all for "Big Navi". AMD has disappointed too many times when it comes to supposed high-end GPUs for me to get excited for any graphics card they release. I'd prefer to not get hyped and be pleasantly surprised than get hyped and then disappointed yet again.

  8. To answer the ending question. Im running an RTX 2080 OC rn. Bought it in august as part of my new build. I'm currently using the horsepower for a 1440p and 1080p monitor but mostly to push VR (currently have an index). Will likely be ordering the Pimax 8KX and I'm interested in the 3080 ti or Big Navi for the sake of pushing the 8KX through flight sims.

    Hopefully the prices are good this gen. Because my wallet is really suffering. Nvidia did us dirty with the price gouging and holding stock in reserve as crypto miners sucked up all the product the gen before last and to an extent last gen too. Prices NEED to come down or people WILL start jumping ship to AMD. Myself included.

  9. Still running a MSI GTX 770 OC, don´t plan on buying anything to next year or maybe even the year after. I´ve got a feeling, after the next gen consols have lunched, we gonne see something new. With no core increase on Ryzen this year, I might be right with "AMD probably gonna reach the limits of AM4 within the promised 5 years support". My guts say: next year we´ll Ryzen APU´s with Navi graphics on AM5, but might gonna be 2022 as well, since Intel won´t be up for the fight any time sooner. That could be a pretty disruptive comeback with 3D stacked chips, but no clue on how far Intel is on those chips right now.

  10. Very much excited for it. After my 1080p TV died, I got myself an LG C9. 4k, OLED with HDR, 120Hz (native at 4k), G-sync, with HDMI 2.1. But I'm still on the 1080 ti, which means I can't use G-sync. The 2080 ti is way too expensive for the relatively small gains it offers, and the 2080 Super is more of a sidegrade in performance with a downgrade in memory. I really hope the 3080 ti can deliver a 30% gain over the 2080 ti and comes with HDMI 2.1.

  11. I’m stuck with my 980, 60hz nosync monitor and i5 6500.

    I’d love to get my hands on anything at or above 1070ti level. (I’m 1 gen too old to take advantage of free/adaptive sync) one day I’ll upgrade it all. Thanks for the vid!

  12. Running a 1080ti atm, game on a CRG90 (5120×1440). I'll be waiting to see how the 3080 performs at 4k since my pixel count is just shy of that and deciding from there if that's my upgrade or if I'll hold out for the inevitable Ti. Was fairly underwhelmed with the 20 series, and wanted to give RTX some time to breathe, go with the second gen – I figure it'll be a must-have feature with the new consoles supporting it (and thus 3rd parties as well) going forward. Definitely have room to grow here, my 1080Ti is showing its age and I'd love to push as close to 120fps as possible when I do, maximize my display's potential and whatnot.

  13. Running 9900k and gtx 1080ti here. Bought it around release time of the 9900k. To save cost against the 2000 series GeForce.. was not interested in the lack of ray tracing adoption at the time and 1080ti is still quite performant even now, but probably would upgrade to the 3000 series once more enticing RTX titles are on the way. Also the newer video output support and th VR link would be nice to have. Have the Dell windows MR HMD and have been enjoying it more than I expected! Maybe a valve index and gtx3080 would be the next step up.

    Edit to add a bit more. The apparent lack of RTX features in VR.. super niche I admit, is concerning so really performance is all that will matter.

  14. Running a 1080 TI a 2025 megahertz underwater. I really have no reason upgrade at this point but a 3080ti would be my next move if it doesn't cost a lung. I game at 1440p 144 Hertz if possible. I'd like to see Ray tracing become more widespread and less taxing on the hardware

  15. AMD. There are a lot of speculation surrounding the upcoming GPU war is on both sides of the aisle (AMD and Nvidia). But then we've waited for two years for AMD to release their high-end Navi GPU. I have often said 'if you listen to what Lisa SU was talking about regarding the roadmap that AMD is on AMD is going to hit Nvidia hard in 2020. For the last eight months I've been saying that (my speculation of course.) I have also been saying that it will be on the new 7 + nanometer process — I would be highly surprised if it wasn't. If we remember Radeon 7 launch: it was a mid/high-range GPU that first hit the 7nm Market as world first 7nm gpu for consumers (an AMD tease launch of what would come). High end navi will not be a tease. they will be giving us a roll out of new high-end GPUs starting between august and third quarter. I believe this will be on a much more developed and mature navi architecture as well. I believe there should be no real reason to be surprised if it's 75%-90% faster than the 5700 XT. I do not think they will give us their most powerful GPU to start will but the one they do released first will beat the 2080 TI by 5 to 15%. I also believe that this will be the lower of a 3 pair release to come out in 2020 early 2021. I believe the non XT version will fall in between the 2080 super and the 2080ti. there's my speculation. I believe it will be 48 or50 Cuda cores running at near 1950 boost with 8 to 16gigs 16 gigabit-per- second gddr6. The non XT may have 14 gigabit per second gddr6. Two more pairs of gpus are coming.


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