RTX 3080 Ti Stock VS Overclocked Performance 4K |i9 10900K 5.1GHz

The Nvidia RTX 3080 Ti at the time of making this video, is no doubt the fastest gaming graphics card available. But what if you wanted more performance ? is …

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  1. I see you're using water cooling… on the stock cooler my strix 2080 ti oc came on, i cant get the gpu to stay over 2010mhz for very long… gpu stays at 70/71c. and my memory can't oc very high either. what water cooling are you using? would love to see a pic of your rig!

  2. This seems consistent with my findings 8-12 FPS faster in all games. 
    What I also found was, no matter what 2080Ti you bought they all did the same. 
    ASUS vs Founders edition, they all overclocked within 1 FPS of each other; admittedly the thermals are higher on the latter. 
    You can save hundreds of pounds by not paying for the higher end ( pre-overclocked) models (like EVGA) because you can do the overclock yourself with MSI afterburner. Vulcan does seem to be faster than Direct X.
    There are one-two cards that actually have slightly different components, unlocking the Nvidia power restrictions, however they are even more.

  3. The memory oc gave probably more fps than the core alone.
    My amp extreme runs at 2130 at 360w at 75C with 80% fan speed.
    Or at 1850ish at 60C with 35% fan speed which is inaudible.

    But the memory goes up to 8200mhz.
    Core alone gave me like 3 fps.
    Memory around 7 to 10 fps

  4. Im just upgraded my 8700k and Z370 AORUS Gaming 7 to a 9900ks and z390 Aorus Master in my main gaming build. Only thing im worried about is temps im used to a delided 8700k which runs about 60c all cores maxed. I running a cm ml360r aio with push/pull fans in a h500m case with mesh front. I still debating on using the glass front, it would look way better but cut airflow. My gpu is a strix 2080ti and i also play at 3440×1440. I have a amd gaming rig with a 3900x 4.425ghz and a radeon vii. After watching a video yesterday about ram tuning im gonna try to get my ram to 3600mhz cl14 man it really helped in gaming.

  5. how are your temps so low? especially for your GPU? i can never get my GPU below 85C at 4k60. Same specs but only my CPU is liquid cooled. Here, your temps are nearly 35 degrees lower!

  6. Instead of getting 8-15 fps better by oc and making my games crash and overheating the pc, I would lower a few settings and get even 20-30 fps on my 2070 gfx. Just letting you all know that oc isnt that big of a deal

  7. Man your 2080 is already overclocked by the ensambler. I'm looking for the Gigabyte rtx 2080 ti windforce 11GB (without OC) for 1050$ and wanna know how it runs and if the price worth it…

  8. I love your setup. I have a fe 2080 ti with a slight overclock at 4k with temps around 70 c. I turn down some settings on more demanding games to keep that stable 60 fps. Wish I could go higher.

  9. That explains a lot, water cooled with a special bios. I was wondering how you were maintaining such high clock speeds. I can get 2130 MHz on my EVGA 2080 TI FTW3 but it's air cooled and will settle at 2085-2070 MHz at 60c. makes me want to get the EVGA Hydro Copper Waterblock.


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