RTX 3080 vs GTX 1080 Ti Test in 8 Games 4K (i7 8700k)

GeForce RTX 3080 vs GTX 1080 Ti (i7 8700k) World of Warships – Games : Forza Horizon 4 Grand Theft Auto V …

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  1. 1080 ti is better than an 2080 solo but the nvidia rtx 20 series has ray traycing that makes the game look much better now a 2080ti is 33% powerful than a 1080ti but the 1080 ti is the most common graphic to play at 240hz 1080p on much games xD

  2. Сборка в 2016 году i7-3770 vs 970 4 gb ;12gb оперативной памяти, любые Обсолютно игры идут без лагов, собирал до 2020 года компьютер на 5 лет в 2020 году в конце года куплю 1080 ti и ещё на года 4 хватит в играх.

  3. Nice test.. but. The clocks of your 1080ti are low, and temps are high. My 1080ti is at 59c and at 1936mhz with oc mode with gigabyte software.
    Now it gets up to 64c cuz i have sli

  4. Pascal architecture is WAY better than the Maxwell architecture but the new Turing is just a little better than the pascal. It's really hard develop something like that for every new generation. Maybe we can expect more from the next gen architecture from Nvidia.

  5. It might look like 2080 is not a good buy, but remember that there are many games with raytracing and DLSS on the way. Check Atomic heart and Metro Exodus with RT.
    If you want a good performance for good price, go for 1080ti yet if you want to have safe future then take at least rtx 2070 or 2070super which will perform much better in games like Control or even stupid Wolfenstein youngblood which has RT too…well even new COD gonna have RT which looks superb at night and practically everywhere.


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