Russian Community Developer Q&A

Cyberpunk 2077 senior quest designer Philipp Weber answers questions from our Russian-speaking community members. EN & RU subtitles available.

Cyberpunk 2077, an open-world, action-adventure story from CD PROJEKT RED, is coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and Google Stadia on December 10th, 2021. The game will also be playable on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 consoles when available.

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About the game:
Cyberpunk 2077 is an open-world, action-adventure story set in Night City, a megalopolis obsessed with power, glamour and body modification. You play as V, a mercenary outlaw going after a one-of-a-kind implant that is the key to immortality. You can customize your character’s cyberware, skillset and playstyle, and explore a vast city where the choices you make shape the story and the world around you.

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Russian Community Developer Q&A

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  1. Guys actually the point of this video is art of lying to your game audience who waited years for the game you are so excited about and cant wait to share it with you

  2. угу… значит, слова про то, что за голову Ви могут назначить награду, которая наверняка привлечет головорезов, звучали в сентябре прошлого года… а выход кибера планировался в ноябре… потом игру перенесли на декабрь. ага… сдается мне, фичу с охотниками за головой Ви решили вырезать, дабы багов было поменьше. то же самое можно сказать про киберимпланты-украшения и полную кастомизация персонажа. ну и да, "мы не хотим создавать ситуацию, когда вам надо носить конкретную куртку, потому что она дает +50 к броне". я очень, очень и ОЧЕНЬ надеюсь, что прямо противоположное решение было принято в спешке. и я совсем, АБСОЛЮТНО не верю, что Филипп Вебер хоть сколько-нибудь врал в этом видео.

  3. About story.

    Lifepath is bs, you get new dialog option that dont mater, game still plays the same. if you want romance Panam you need to be male, you get dialog options from nomad but its still meaningless.

    There is no explanation why V left his old gang backers.

    First they make you to care about T bug and Jackie. Both killed. Deshawn is most cool fixer in the game, only there to be killed. Not by V whom he shot in the head and caused whole situation with arasaka. Even If i said its a stupid idea at the first place to attack arasaka. What is the point side with Evelyn? Story still goes the same.

    You get same montage every lifepath. The thing they could made montage playable, to introduce you to fixers and city. But no just skipping 6 months ( potential wasted) you know everybody, everybody knows you.

    Your number one enemy is Yorinobu Arasaka. You see him one time in the game. You dont interact with him and he does the same. You have Jhonny in your head, you got eternal life in there. Yorinobu still dont show up in the game.

    You are scapegoat for killing his father, you are the one loose end he has. You are the most wanted man. And you just walk freely in nightcity, doing work for NCPD. How that works?

    They made this game about Keanu, dont get me wrong, I love Keanu but what about V? He is dying slowly, they told you you have couple of weeks time before you die. But thats not true, there is no hurry. Look at this question marks on your map, game trying even cover its short story by give you same enemies to kill. And killing them doesnt mater. They forget about you even if you just killed bunch of their chooms minute ago.

    So V is dying but he is not the center of the game anymore, its Keanu. V succumbs to the situation and keep it quiet. Or not but what he can do.

    Who can help V? after boring braindance you know you need to go to pacifica, rough part of a city, lawless place where cops dont dare to show up ( from citywire )

    Except they do teleport behind you as in any place. I think they have only one main quest mission there.

    Its unfinished place, with nothing to do really. Can go to worldwheel or whatever.

    You meet voodoboys big man, did you noticed when he tries to hack you, and you have an option to take your hand back and say Wtf you are trying and Jhonny stands just there saying dont do it V. its not a choice. You cant progress further the game if you are not complying, your story is over.

    Why show us option that you cant even take? Is this suppose to be a joke or.. I just dont get it.

    You go on mission to save their Queen from net runner.

    They give you option. Be enemy of netrunners or Voodoboys. Why? You don know this net runner and Voodooboys installed maleware in your head. Voodoos dont give you any new missions, and net runner just disappear. You never hear about net runner or voodoo. And this mission was on PREWIEV they said branching storyline.

    So we see it was Jhonnys fault that Alt lady is dead, he was dick to her anyway, but he cares now, so you care too. Do you have an option in this game not to care about the story you forcefully put me through.

    So you do some errands for people whom you dont care and you get bored because there is no variety. No car chases, no bounty or gang systems. its boring game play, bam bam is that fun? maybe for an hour.

    So you go on last mission, what you get. Nomad Panam ending, Adam kill Saul, you and panam go somewhere I dont care.

    Or you go full sociopath and manipulate Rogue to feel bad about Jhonnys death ( it was fucking Jhonnys fault in the first place to be in this mess) and Rogue leaves her status as accomplished fixer and owner of afterlife. For fucking what? Revenge the dead people, when you are a top dog in night city. Rogue dies by smasher. What a waste. This doesnt make any sense.

    You can go solo if you good friend with Keanu, no one dies. Or you can shoot your head before this mission.

    And thats it.

    In the end, what was the purpose of your trip in night city? Kill for fixers? No faction or morality systems. Nothing matters.

    Where is Youronobu? Arasaka stands, now only with new leadership, continue their exploits. Did anything changed in the long run? What are the moral of this story? If idea was just experience hollow nightcity with braindead AI and you say its a masterpiece story that captivates and make you cry when you watch trailers.

    Its just feels impossible to make game for 5 years and come up with something so dull. Cyberpunk genre is seamless, dark and disturbing. Really adult like. I dont get the feeling in here.

    Its not story about V its a story about Jhonny and you get dragged in with no options. If they said its just a cyberpunk and you play Keanu its okay. But they said your choice matter, branching story they said. You can play this game at least 3 times and every time it will be different story. Thats just not true

  4. CyberShit 2077:
    >NOT an RPG (wish it was)
    >Shitty A.I.
    >Shitty driving mechanic
    >GTA San Andreas has a better physics than this dogshit
    >Sliverhand simulator
    >No Transmog
    >Shitty loot system
    >And of course gamebreaking bugs

  5. You cannot do the game without killing anyone. Several car chases have unskippable sequences where you have to shoot other people. The option to hit alt twice to sit back in the car is "action blocked". If you refuse to shoot you are killed.

  6. WOW… Re-Watching this after release & playing 140 hrs and have a very simple question ?

    Why is close to 90% of all of these answers and info straight out LIES ???
    Very curious as to why only 3 months from release you still went forward with stating all the things you have in this Q&A and that these were parts of the game… When clearly they are NOT 😳


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