Ryzen 5 3600 vs. Ryzen 9 3900X vs. Core i9-10900K: GPU Scaling Benchmark

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  1. I cant believe the difference between r5 3600 and i9 9900k is so small, why would anyone would waste so much money when you can just get a better gpu with the price difference

  2. Conclusion: If your CPU budget >$300 then go Intel and spend at least $400 for the GPU to get your money's worth. Else, you're obviously on a budget, so go AMD on the CPU and spend no more than around $400 on the GPU. This is sound Vulcan logic.

  3. Good test, but please test 4K as well at High(ultra) and Medium settings.
    Last weekend I do trial run: Witcher 3 at Rt 2700X and R9 290 in 4K and… is possible (high settings, with hairworks off).
    Sure – game not hold 60FPS but Freesync do it's job and looks pretty good (if ignore FPS meter)

  4. I don't understand why you'd go from 1440p ultra to 1080p ultra instead of 1440p ultra to 1440p high. Either someone is gaming on 1440p or 1080p. The other party doesn't really care what they do in terms of performance. Kinda confusing :S

  5. I always consider that selecting a GPU first is the right step to move while building a PC, this would allow us to pair it with the CPU that is capable of utilizing it completely without any bottleneck or overkilling

  6. I found a ryzen 5 3500 for 130$ and i couldn't resist , it performs identical to the 3600 in games but the margin will grow in the future

    But still 3600 was 50% more expensive than 3500 for like maybe +/- 5 or 10% performance in few games . 3600 would be for those who want productivity and future proofing

    Most current games give slightly better fps with smt disabled in 3600 anyway


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