Ryzen 5 3600X vs i9 10900K Benchmarks | Test Review | Comparison | Gaming | 13 Tests

AMD Ryzen 5 3600X vs i9 10900K BENCHMARK Included tests: Hitman, Total War, Tomb Raider, Far Cry | 7-ZIP | Truecrypt | X264 | Playerunknown’s …

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  1. Not an honest test, deception.If to disperse 9900K on the bus, on cores
    to 4,9-5.0 Mhz, and to disperse memory, it far will leave for 40 on fps
    from 3600 ! Risen are good for work and Intel for games !

  2. I noticed you left out Pricing. Sure if you have more money than brain cells I can see why you'd want the Intel CPU; but for the rest of us AMD should be considered. Sure Intel is faster in most ways but NOT BY MUCH. The Few, and I do me less than 6, FPS gained on Intel is not worth the well over 50% cost difference in price. Most any gaming over 60 FPS is not going to be much different and either CPU will do easily over 100 FPS in every game so the smart money saves 50% and goes with AMD.

    Your Graphs are a bit misleading because if no one looks at the actual numbers it would appear that Intel simply blows AMD away which is just NOT the case here. Some of your Graphs make it seem like a difference of 1 is HUGE; again very misleading. If you have 10 USD in your Bank Account vs 11 USD there is NOT MUCH of a difference yet they way you have your Graphs layed out one is lead to believe that with 11 USD you could buy a Yacht.

    Perhaps your videos would do better in ratings if you provided the Data with more realistic results rather than slanting to one side of the other. Cheers…

  3. nice job actually using 3600 memory.
    Dang 3600x is good value.
    Since they are also the higher binned die(one bad core but faster clock of the good 3 per chiplet) with the 3600 getting the bad binnings we should be seeing some pretty good OC ability.
    with 3 cores per chiplet instead of 4 and less overall cores it should reach the highest OC out of any ryzen on air.


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