Ryzen 9 3900X (1core) vs. i9 10900K (1core)

Ryzen 9 3900X (1core, 4,7GHz OC) w/SMT intel core i9 10900K (1core, 4,7GHz OC) w/HT Nvidia RTX 3080 Ti Games: 1080p/Ultra ▻ 00:01 – Counter-strike …

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  1. Let's face it though 9900k/ks is the best gaming cpu possibly the best gaming streaming cpu at the min. No one in there right mind is going to run there CPU's like this real world?? Now for multitasking ryzen all the way for editing/creating etc but for gaming the 9900k/ks is the winner no matter how you look at it. Why dont we enjoy them both competing pushing each other along. As soon as AMD make a better all out gaming cpu which beats intel then I'm all for buying that cpu. No favouritism on my side just want the best available.

  2. the price is almost same in my country. but you get rgb cooler from amd. well its useless since those processor is hot af if run full load. and now im still happy with ryzen 5 2600. is msi b450m mortar max can handle 3600x without problem?

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