Ryzen 9 3950X vs 3900X vs I9 9900K | Tested 14 Games |

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  1. If you 1080p Gaming get Intel Core I9 9900K
    If you 1440p Gaming get Intel Core I9 9900K or even AMD Ryzen 9 3950X vs 3900X so close your choice
    If you 1440p+ Ultrawide Gaming get AMD Ryzen 9 3950X or 3900X your choice
    If you 4K Gaming get AMD Ryzen 9 3950X or 3900X your choice
    it about money if you choice between 3950X or 3900X, the 3950X has a little better performance in editing and Lower CPU Usage.

  2. It's funny reading comments about Intel is better, AMD is better, Intel is better AMD is better. Buy whatever makes you happy and chances are you'll change brands back and worth over the years if your anything like me. I'm using a 3800x with a 2080 TI for now. I may switch to Intel if they have something better for a good price. If I buy Intel right now I somehow feel like I'm buying the old stuff with security holes included.

  3. This helps confirm my most likely choice. I'm impartial. Once you start going up to 1440p and 4k you easily see the difference is minimized. I know I'll be gaming in 4k eventually on this build. I'm running 1440p right now. Since the 3900x smokes the 9900k in most everything else it's the obvious choice here. So I'll be grabbing one soon.

  4. The problem with these comparisons is, that most people talk about the prize different. But I bought the i9 9900k so I didn't have to change mobo too. And you shouldn't buy i9 9900k if you ONLY use it for gaming! If you need to buy a new kit (CPU+GPU) it's about the same price in denmark! Actually the i9 9900k chip is cheaper than the 9 3900x with about $60.. I could easily buy a cooler around that price! Soo, yes AMD is doing their part to the compition, thank god! In the future me and my wallet will get along just fine! But the price is about the same, or even a bit more than i9 9900k. But I don't like the discussion about what's best, 'cause most people with AMD calls people with Intel fanboys (Iphone all over again). That's just stupid! If you're only playing games.. Then just buy the cheaper i7 9700k. Or buy an AMD system.. If gaming, it's all about how much fun you can get, instead of how many fps you can get !! YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BE PRO GAMER ANYWAYS!! Merry christmas to all (even you AMD guys) 😀

  5. Intel is still king for gaming. But its days are numbered. Consider how much single-threaded performance would have to be given up when additional mitigations need to be put in place to deal with newer speculative-execution vulnerabilities. Phoronix has an article that showed that the only way the 9900K could beat the 3900X in a number of their tests was to actually DISABLE the microcode updates meant to protect the damned thing!


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