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  1. Hey I wonder if you could help me happy 4th oh, I just signed up for real debrid again and I am totally lost with what's new there I signed up on my phone that's where my real debrid account is Amala devices Nvidia shield for streaming now my problem is my kid wants to watch a movie it could be any movie when you click the movie on the only thing available for real debrid is torrent links only which I know nothing about so I clicked on a torrent link and it says saving download to real-debrid URL cloud so I go into my phone where my real-debrid counties and in there at the bottom where file name is is the movie with a movie icon protector the downloads reading 0 and it just keeps spinning around from there I'm lost I'm just trying to get my kid to be able to see this movie buy streaming it in Nvidia Shield

  2. Great vid Istoit . I'm a newbie and recently got RD. Problem is when I click on the RD links they start and then freeze with a zero in the middle of the screen . How can I fix this ?

  3. followed instructions word by word, no search results include alluc nor real-debrid, neptune rising. did it again next day, and next day and next day (understanding things go down from time time time) no luck. any suggestions? use IPVanish VPN as well.

  4. Hey. Question I have a paid real Debrid account. On all the add-ons I tried it on it go’s thru them to a free service. Is that how it is? Or is something wrong? Please help.

  5. Hey Istoit. Thanks for all your help the other day. And I forgot to tell you that you where right about Real Deb-rid!! It rocks. Question do you know of a simple build that you can add your own ad-dons too? Also do your know the best addons for Sports and live tv other then Sports Devil?

  6. Have you come across some sort of single guide that tells you the best repos for certain types of TV & Movie programming? I know certain Add Ons are better for particular types of programming.

  7. Another very helpful vid. How do you get a particular add on to default to when clicking Movies, TV Shows, etc? Right now my TV Shows Lists go to Covenant, my Movie Lists to Placenta and I want them all to default to Neptune Rising.


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