We are talking SHIBA INU and taking a tour around the crypto space! Cardano (ADA) had another big day. Polygon is continuing its run. Dogecoin continues to spark interest. Welcome to the show. Let’s keep building a community that helps one another grow!


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  1. Hi Zach

    i Came Across this Interesting coin named "notsafemoon"

    i think the free publicty of its name and the tokenomics are worth checking it out it can be a great cow cash

    can YOU Rearview it please ?

  2. I’ll love to share how I have been able to make so much profit in crypto since the year began, I honestly can’t understand the negative attention cryptocurrency receive.

  3. No mention of the looming cloud of the relief fund that cashes out any time there is an upswing. That is more of a catalyst than anything you or anyone is talking about. Until that is addressed and is fully removed from the scenario, nothing can really be predicted. (As much as any volatile investment can /cannot be) -Respectfully

  4. Just so you know I just sold all my Safemoon for this new token called CarbonTax Token. Wow it's gonna moon I can just feel it. We're going to the moon on this one ladies and gentleman. Let's go!! Search for it on Google, buy it on pancake swap if you're looking for a new Crypto Gem.

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