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Shiba Inu Coin or SHIB is still one of the most searched and viewed cryptocurrencies according to coin market cap. However, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows, Shib token has been seeing a lot of decline in recent weeks and many might be asking, are the astronomical gains all over for this Dogecoin killer coin? Will Shiba Inu token rise again? These are some of the questions we will be answering today and of course we will be going through a major catalyst that could potentially change Shiba Inu forever.
Shiba Inu Coin or SHIB, a new cryptocurrency, has already taken the crypto market by storm. The Shiba Inu Token has been dubbed the doge killer as it features the same Shiba Inu dog breed. Shiba inu token is a decentralized spontaneous community-building experiment developed within the SHIBA INU ecosystem. Shiba coin SHIB, also known as Shiba Token, is a decentralized cryptocurrency created by an anonymous person known as Ryoshi in August of 2021. Shiba Inu coin is the newest meme coin to get the attention of not only the blockchain investing world but also many celebrities and platforms. It has quite literally taken ordinary everyday people and made them into millionaires.

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Comment (36)

  1. Please make a video on – When will the hype of Shiba Inu end ? And explain to people that it can never ever hit even 0.01$ in this life. (By mkt cap and token metrics)

  2. I have planned to hodl it for next 5 years… It doesn't matter to me whether it goes up or down but in the long run it will give us benefit for sure just like DOGE

  3. Mere khyal se after shiba swap, and robin hood —
    Boom aayega ye sure h
    And double to kam se kam hoga

    Or long time me 1 rs, &1$ jaroor hoga
    Mere pass 50 corore g
    H me hold karunga

  4. Hello ma'am, I've been facing an issue on Coinswitch app. I'm unable to transact in this app bcoz the app says they temporarily stopped my deposit from bank & the de-link my account from the app. Reason says along is Govt. making decisions with RBI for crypto trading hence till the final decision it will stopped the deposits in app…. Please tell me then how will I be able to trade in crypto now…. BTW this is another helpful video I've been watched from your channel 😉


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