SHIBA INU COIN Why Elon Musk is the Real Ryoshi | Shib Token Will Hit $0.50

SHIBA INU COIN Why Elon Musk is the Real Ryoshi | Shib Token Will Hit $0.50

Elon Musk has 57.5 million followers on the Twitter handle, and soon many of them invested in the new cryptocurrency. Shiba Inu coin could be considered a rival of Dogecoin considering how they both have a similar symbol of the Japanese breed dog. And if that was not enough, Shiba Inu coin also goes by the nickname “dogecoin killer.” The official website of Shiba Inu describes itself as an experiment in decentralised spontaneous community building, founded in August 2021.

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SHIBA INU COIN Why Elon Musk is the Real Ryoshi | Shib Token Will Hit $0.50

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  1. On the video, I have wondered if Musk is Ryoshi. It has crossed my mind. I could see him being behind something like this. His mind thinks for all man-kind and Shiba appears to be heading in that direction especially with Shibaswap.

  2. I have mine staked in Shibaswap and I'm currently earning about $100 a day in Bone. So, to all of you HODLing, you really need to get it over to SHIBASWAP and BURY your SHIB or STAKE it so you can earn BONE. If you don't then you're missing out. There's no reason for anyone to HODL any coin and not earn some form of interest on it wherever you do it.

  3. Great post 🙌👏Very detailed and precise video you put up mate I love your contents. I will also say this here, although the cyrpto market has been unstable for some over 2 months now, a lot of People has already started asking themselves if this is the right time to buy the dip or sell their Hodlings. before jumping into conclusion i think you should take a look at things first. BTC price fall means analysts remain divided over whether it is entering a bear market or is just suffering a brief correction on the road to more record highs. Investors who bought early are still in profit despite the recent price crash and they also earn by tradlng. I'm still an investor / day trader and I'm winning by applying the same method in every tradé, you can also become a winner today. We should follow the way of earning more regardless of the current market (bulls or bears), which is tradlng. Buy the Dip and Trade…I have made over 5.7 btc profits not just by buying the dip but implementing tradess with s!gnals supplied by a pro known to be Caden Jase. You can easily get to him on T e l e g r a m [ @Caden_signals] and also WhatsApp–(+4,,4,,,7,,8,,,8,,,3,,,2,,,4,,,8,,,4,,,1,,,5) for Crypto related concern✊

  4. But he commented on dogecoin today

    I hope you all holding – seems since the shib swap exchanged opened the shin coin dropped? Why? I love this coin it’s just taking time to get going dammit lol

  5. Aren't you guys tired of talking about the same stupid s*** and making up even better stupid s*** nobody knows what the hell's going to happen the market's been sideways for a while now. Talk about baseball whatever quit saying the same stupid s***


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