The SHIBA INU website notes that they locked 50% of the total token supply on Uniswap, and “threw away the keys!” The remaining 50% was “burned to Vitalik Buterin.”

There are several other tokens described on the SHIBA INU website — LEASH, which has “been unleashed and will not rebase,” BONE, the “Dogecoin Killer” (which is not yet available as of May 2021).

I am using as my preferred exchange:
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Daily News and Price Predictions Based on Market News, Market Caps and FUNDAMENTAL ANALYSIS. Main Focus On SHIBA INU (SHIB), ETHEREUM (ETH), POLYGON (MATIC), COSMOS (ATOM), VECHAIN (VET), CRYPTO.COM (CRO) and carefully selected Crypto Projects and Investment Opportunities.
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Full Disclosure,

I am not a Financial Advisor, even though I do have a financial background and degree in Finance, everything said and discussed in these videos in regards into the future and or price predictions are speculation based on daily news, market news and market cap evaluations. Do not purchase anything on Fear Or Missing Out due to anything I say. Please do your own due diligence and research.


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  1. friend , first of all this is the best channel for shib hands down
    i have a question if you are so kind to explain this to me
    you say shib can reach a cent or a dollar
    without reducing its supply
    isnt that right?
    so when it gets to a cent lets say it will have 400 billion dollars market cap? and at a dollar? trillions of dollars? can you please answer this

  2. Do you still think shiba inu will reach a dollar, do you still think it will be a stable coin even though shytoshi says the market cap will make it hard or impossible. When do you think it will reach a penny and a dollar

  3. Thanks SA, your videos have really helped me to understand shib more and the whole ecosystem. I salute you brother. Thanks for all the content you've created, it makes a difference.

  4. I will be happy even if hits 1k but bro have you read the woof V2,they say if we dont hit 0.01,,,,u can check even the devs have told .01 is not possible check at discord or ask them

  5. Thank you for all the information very informative. I have a question does the passive income increase depending on how many tokens you stake? And if so how much of a percentage of passive income do you get?

  6. Steve I have watched all of your Shiba related videos , some of them twice and am blown away by your research and commentary regarding swap , the ecosystem in general amd DAO. I went to look at AMPL + FORTH and the similarities are striking! Wow. Again, thank you for your time invested in this and your delivery to us.

  7. Will Shib be pegged and therefore always rebase to 1$? How do we know it will not be rebased/pegged to 1 cent (as i read somewhere the devs dont expect it to go beyond a penny). Maybe i am understanding it wrong

  8. Great video, I'm holding for dear life 750M and buying the dips. but I have a basic doubt with this shibaswap mechanics. If all the shiba army digs or bury their shiba tokens to get Bone, I agree the price will go up for the remaining shiba tokens in circulation. But because it is a stake and not a burn (shiba holders can withdraw their shiba token from the dig whenever), then exactly how… when for instance the price hits 0.001 or 0.01 and most of the early buyers want to cash out, injecting billions of shiba tokens again in circulation won't we prevent the price going down again for the rest of the holders? We need a real Burn is my interpretation… which brings the next question… exactly what and whose tokens will be burn? What am I missing in this picture? Tks for the help.

  9. Can you explain or show us how we get to it once it’s out? Will it be in an app or do we go to their shibatoken site to get to it? I’m new and not sure how this all works. It would be greatly appreciated if you could explain more for a newbie like me ☺️

  10. First of all, a big shout out for your work, really valuable information that you're presenting here!! Could you do a video on how to stake SHIB on UniSwap or is there are already some kind of "how to"?

  11. Thanks for the info! Could you make a video as of why Shiba Inu Token wouldn't get to $1. Meaning, what would stop Shib from getting to a stable price. All the good news is great but I also like to see it from another perspective.

    Thank you!

  12. Good video. The boy did a good job. But be realistic. Shiba never will be a 1$. Yes, it could be a stable coin with a max value of 0.01. But it's olny my opinion, as a shiba holder I wish one day to see a shiba 1$, but as I understand all eco sistem it's not possible. It's not a dev plan. Just because a minimum stake amount is 1m… what benefits people shoud get to stake a millions? Almost all holders will sell a shiba straight away. The shiba will be a cheap coin, wich people will be able to buy and stake to get a bones. That's a way how community will grow up, and everybody will be able to take a part in staking and voting, overwise it will became a centeolize sistem. That's only my opinion, would be nice to hear what autho think about it

  13. To Steve and the Shib Army, go to the home page for Certik to see where auditing and testing assessments will be posted. Certik is a non profit firm but has experience in this new field. Look for Onboarding Projects on their home page and you'll find Shiba Inu, click the icon.

  14. Man you're doing an amazing job. Im curious if you've dug into kishu? I have some doll hairs into kishu as well. I am keeping my Shiba for a VERY long time. My 412M tokens will take care of me in the future

  15. Are you in your opinion endorsing DIA and Ampleforth as potential profitable tokens? Not looking for financial advice 😉 just wondering…. Thanks your videos are the best

  16. Another home run Steve
    Are you sure you are not part of the devs? 😁
    You make it look too easy, no one else has been able to understand the woofpaper at this level…

  17. I would love for you to be right but using AMPL is not such a great example. They started 2 years ago with a price of $2.11. Their current price is $0.81. They hit their ATH a year ago at $3.84. So they have never even gone 2x but we're supposed to believe Shiba is going to go 100 000x? Am I missing something in this logic?

  18. Steve… What is your price prediction for this year?. And would Shiba Inu hit $1 by 2025?.
    Am new here and thus, seeking your views.


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