Shiba Price Prediction -100x very possible !

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In this video I talk about Shiba a doge coin killer coin. It is very new and the coin already has over 7,000 holders. Exchange listings are happening fast and I can see this as a potential 10x for sure in time.


Shiba Price Prediction -100x very possible !

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Comment (32)

  1. SAFESPACE will be giving away 2 cars, 10x is very soon, we will also be listed on bitmart on 21th may. Is expected to go 100x
    Search for us on google and telegram,

  2. Doge and SHIBA COIN(Doge sister) to the 🐕🚀🌙 I got 8 billion for $100 I double my money already…I feel like a Billionaire 🤣 Vitalik(Creator of Ethereum )owns 50% of the coins. 10.5 K holders with 54K transactions. On Reddit we have a community 2K members. I feel like a 🐳😅

  3. Why is the supply so high? I can’t even tell you how much that is it’s so high. Not sure about this one. Need more convincing. Thanks for the video.

  4. Love the Shiba project adding this to my profile bitcoin- ETH ADA – Dogecoin am tanking up more more Shiba am buying and holding for the long Run all my friends talking about it think big people better early than late joke coin going to the Moon 🦊🚀🚀🚀


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