Should you buy Real-Debrid service for Kodi?

Search results that show the difference between having Real-Debrid vs not having Real Debrid for Kodi.

Should you buy Real-Debrid service for Kodi?

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  1. Hey Steve I need your help, I can't seem to get any movies for my kid to watch on Nvidia Shield using real debrid because it's all torrent links, that's all it seems to be there anymore I setup real debrid mode in the video shield oh, but how do you play a movie if I click on it it goes to where I signed up in my account the movie at the bottom there with a movie icon and I just can't get to get this the place of my kid can watch a movie oh, I'd say I haven't use real debrid over a couple years now and it used to be where you'd have does regular Blue Links that you didn't have to worry about stuff like this but now it seems like everything's in the torrent how do you play it on your Nvidia Shield oh, my only two devices are my phone and Nvidia Shield?


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