Should You Fortune or Silk Touch the Nether Ores?

BIG QUESTION TIME! I’ve seen a bit of debate about this, but is fortune III or silk touch better when it comes to mining in the brand new nether? In today’s video we put ancient debris, gilded blackstone, nether gold ore, and quartz ore under the microscope and to the test. Which do you think is better?


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Should You Fortune or Silk Touch the Nether Ores?

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Comment (36)

  1. For inventory storage, just bring a crafting table and craft the nuggets into ingots and then blocks, or the quartz into blocks, and you'll have WAY better storage using Fortune than using Silk Touch.

  2. I mine quartz with silk touch bring it back and use it for XP mending for all my gear and quartz with fortune 3 later…
    Guildstone always silk touch never need more gold if you are still needing gold shame on you… Netherite already speaks form itself….gold ores fortune 3 or silk touch depending on how much room trying to save

  3. If you are mining gold then mine with silk touch because ehen u mine with silk touch and when you smelt it you get gold ingot instead of nuggets and when you are mining quartz then mine with fortune 3
    I personally have 2 pick one eith fortune 3 and other with silk touch.

  4. I can’t seem to not die in the nether even when I’m strip mining cuz lava, so I get a silk touch librarian, then only bring regular pickaxes and one silk iron pickaxe for each mining trip. Gold and quartz I mine with the silky, then bring them up to my base to fortune three the quartz and blast furnace the gold. That way, when I do die, it’s not too expensive to replace the gear (cuz silk touch is a cheaper trade).

  5. I just think fortune is better than silk touch because silk touch just makes you get the real block it self but fortune gives you the double of that. But I also think silk touch is better because you always get the block it self but i still think fortune is better.


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