Should You Play ESO in 2020? (The Elder Scrolls Online)

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Over the past month I’ve been playing a ton of ESO. Leveling up a new character, exploring the world, and dipping my toes into some of the end game. Still a long way to go, but I’m really digging what I’ve seen so far. In today’s video I talk about my thoughts on the current state of the game.

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  1. Yesterday, ESO nerfed the shit out of the game, again. They do it all the time. About 100 nerfs. They ruined weapons, armor, skills, even slowed down your horse. All in the name of "improving server performance", which has really sucked lately, too many disconnects, servers too slow to respond, causing actions to lag and hesitate, which can cause group wipes. Good job, ESO. The next new game that is good will probably take 95% of the ESO population, and deservedly so. Dual Universe goes OPEN BETA in just 2 days w00t!!!!!! Even if it's just okay, i'm switching. Fingers crossed!

  2. I think the issue with combat feel is caused by the downtime animation between hits. Ya smack something fairly quickly, but the downswing of the animation after that hit is kinda slowed down. It gives a sort of rhythmic feeling, but it's just a bit too slow and makes you wait too much.

  3. Years ago I played Dark Age of Camelot which had a awesome community and ruined most of online MMO roleplaying game’s since for me. What other similar game’s should I consider these days for Xbox?

  4. Dont play this shit of the game , im 1400 CP former emperor game sucks. Bad performance , you can't quee with your friends into battleground only solo and it is MMO XD . PVP cyrodill lags and its crap game dont buy !!!

  5. its boring, literally the only way of getting xp efficiently is going to a high mob spawn rate on the map and just killing mobs, over, and over, and over again. Theres literally no incentive to do quests, unless you need to get into an area. pvp is so bad its hilarious. and theres tons of micro transactions. micro transactions, combined with the stone age grinding, the terrible pvp, the god awful combat, and the terrible performance, makes it hard to play this game. If you want a good mmo, just play guild wars 2 or world of warcraft, both are way better than eso, Dont get intimidated by the insane amount of content, just do everything in a logical path and you should be fine. Eso, 3/10.

  6. I think that ESO sucked balls in the beginning too because they basically took the hero engine and rebuilt it into the creation engine. I was turned off by this thinking I was going to jump into a shit star wars game but it isn't bad and does not remind me of it that much, I really despised SWTOR.

  7. I preordered this game and back then you had to pay a monthly subscription also factions were race based. I loved high elves and I got into that game Cuz I loved role playing in the elder scroll universe but I discovered that just like WOW the RPG part is misleading.
    Does anyone know of an online game where the focus is on role playing instead of grinding gear And meaningless arena based pvp?

  8. I've got 1500 hours in the game over PC and console – cp 380 on PC and 600 odd on xbox (but i spent over 800 hours on pc from doing lots of characters) and I don't know how people do it because the game gives you no incentive to do the end game. Gear-wise, I can craft/buy 2 sets and have a monster set and i am almost just as optimal as someone who has perfect relequens. I'm doing it just for fun and the achievements but there are no cosmetic rewards at all in the game, no gear rewards that are really worth it in the end apart from maybe the new mythics. I'm bored because if we wipe on trials, it makes no difference to me. I'm playing a game like wow or ffxiv next because of the cosmetic and gear incentives. Give me a brand new account and 4 – 5 hours (generous because i will have no crafting passives) max and I can get all but 2 pieces of gear for one of the best builds in the game by farming resources before I even get off bleakrock isle. You'll have a meta build after 1 week of fairly casual but consistent playing.

    Not to mention predatory marketting, p2w with crafting/storage/mounts/exp, pvp hasn't been touched since battlegrounds and they don't even consider it when balancing. Spam actually works not too much worse than a real rotation.

    The best things about eso are its build customisation and well executed action combat but honestly, that's all it has over WoW or FFXIV. I played it because it's an elder scrolls game.

    I love the game and i'm going to miss it but it is just not good enough.

  9. I used to live for World of Warcraft, but the direction they went half way through MoP ruined it for me. I played all of legion and it just got worse and worse, but yet players seemed to be happy and loved the free stuff and hand holding. I didn't want a game that forced me to play it a certain way. I have since searched for a replacement and most don't even come close, so I'm checking out elder scrolls before I spend any money. besides watching these gameplay videos I'd love to hear from everyone who played both and could tell me more about what is different and what's the same. particularly the combat. And am I going to be railroaded down paths to play the game the way it's meant to be played or can I just do my own thing like I used to be able to in WoW without sacrificing too much. I was still able to level fast, gear up as well as anybody, and make plenty of gold all the while playing the parts I liked and ignoring the stuff I didn't. You can do that anymore in WoW, but can you in this game?


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