Should you play GTA Online in 2021?

a compilation of modder encounters.

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Should you play GTA Online in 2021?

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  1. Back in 2018 I bought a ps3 and a all games when I put gta v for the first time it was perfect there where’s no glitches no bugs or you know everything but when I play gta online but in the original (beta) it was a bit good but it can be frustrating like there are hackers to ways how to cheat etc etc but when I played online it got a alert “saying error there was a crash pls return to the Grand Theft Auto V“ when I return to the gta v I go back to play gta online but however it got a another error saying “the severs are interrupted pls return to gta v and try again later” I go a back to single player again so I go back to the online but however it’s the same error so I restart the gta v than when go back in online it’s the same error so if there is more errors today I think maybe tomorrow will work right wrong 😑 the same error not one but infinite aka everything. So in 2019 the error goes on and on so I think this if there is more error because of the characters but if I remove the old character can it work with new one then you would be wrong it’s the same error the same error not mouth but for years yes years Rockstar pls fix this crap but I got ps4 and buy gta v but in online and it was terrible like Red Dead Redemption II yes more error and stuff do I never touch the game well expect of single player so rockstar pls don’t do that ever again.

    PS if you have A PS4 then you will know there is old ps2 gtas gta 3, gta Vice city and gta San Andreas just 3 of them you can check them out in PlayStation Store.

  2. Well there was a modder but I didn't say anything that modder was so nice he was friendly and gave some money he helped me in setup also for The Cayo Perico heist he was so good he didn't spoil others game by large explosions and killing them continuously. He became friends with me so I didn't report him.

  3. short answer, if you don't want private information shared with idiots using cheats online, you would be better off watching porn.
    then again, R* know this and know their systems have exploits that expose peoples private information, but they gave the game out for free so that pieces of shit cheaters can have a few extra copies sitting around waiting for the inevitable ban. They are spending all this money going after pirates and children selling cheats on youtube, yet they refuse to fix the fundamental issue with their game. something that could be easily fixed yet… they don't care.

  4. Some modders are actually nice enough to help you get through annoying heists (casino because the detection is absolute bull). Then there's those modders… who just ruin your gameplay. The invite to "their" apartment was by far the most annoying one I had to deal with. It also sucks that you can't start a sell cargo mission in a private session. It's like Rockstar wants you to have your fun experience ruined by some dumb ass who thinks messing with every player minding their own business is funny.

  5. Believe it or not, most of those scumbags are from Indonesia. Look at those live chats then you'll noticed it. Anyway we as Indonesian had a very infamous region called Pekalongan, where most of those fvckin game cheats made there. Lastly, on the behalf of Indonesian gamers, i do apologize for all disturbing momments that we've made. I hope that R* would put more effort to stop it all.

  6. It's gotten so badly out of hand that generally more than 4/5 PC lobbies have mod menu cheaters. Often malicious ones and even those that re NOT there to ruin others' games use crappy mod menus that crash the lobbies. Typically when I'm just a few hudred yards away from completing my sale of course. I cannot understand how rockstar won't fix the game and it's modder friendly Peer2Peer connection type.

  7. In 2020 they voted GTA online the worst game to play on PC. Main issues: sky high rate of hacking and more people modding than anywhere else. Rockstar games has a promise for you, might be a lie, an illusion but it keeps you playing.


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