Should you RAID NVMe SSDs? – 2x Samsung 980 EVO

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Note: If you want a different size drive, just click the link and change the drive size on the Amazon or Newegg page, credit is still given even if you change the drive size.

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Comment (24)

  1. Why do regular consumers want to RAID their SSDS? It's not useful at all, NVMe is already fast enough for you PC, RAIDing is useless especially if you want to RAID 0 only for "more speed." RAID makes sense only when talking about servers that run for many years and they need fault tolerance before the whole server goes down. Leave RAID alone and just buy an NVMe for windows and one for your games if you want to go fancy. You guys will use your SSDs for a couple years and replace them for the latest one so RAIDing it makes no sense at all.

  2. I really like the technical details you shared. I have already read into this on several sites and seen a few videos, but this taught me some things that weren't mentioned or considered in the other sources. Thanks a bunch!

  3. If i have this HYPER M.2 X16 CARD V2 can i then put this Gigabyte AORUS NVMe Gen4 2TB M.2 SSD 3 times in my pc with raid on i have a asus z390 a mobo please someone reply i dont want to buy a new mobo for pcie 4.0 yet

  4. Great video. You answered all my questions. I just got my first NVME drive and was thinking about what it would be like to populate the second onboard slot.. I'm very wary of RAID 0 as I've had two arrays go on me over the years and I lost some good data on both of those times. Those were with mechanical drives. It seems SSDs today have filled the need to not use raid IMO.

  5. Ya Jay I love this guy to he made me understand so much and well i'm stubborn had to see for myself to realize he was totally right !! Not made at myself just wanted to see why my old school thinking would be wrong and it wasn't it flew but not realizing new tech has that speed and raid type technology of working on a single 2T chip and the way it works Now I finally understand because he made me clearly know why..

  6. I'm a little late seeing this video. I recently ordered a msi ge75 raider 10SFS-291. I had an option to have two 1tb Samsung evo m.2 ssds and I set it to raid-0. As well as a 1tb barracuda hdd. Is this a good setup or is it a waste?


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