So I Played GTA Online on PS3…in 2021…

GTA 5 Online on Playstation 3, wow, what an experience. I miss the old days.

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GTA Online, playstation 3. playstation 5

So I Played GTA Online on PS3…in 2021…

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Comment (23)

  1. GTA Online on last gen (technically now last-last gen) are a much simpler times there. No flying broomsticks, no businesses, no new properties, no new dlc up to Ill-Gotten Gains only, and it's harder to make money there legit.

    Well… if you consider money drops are legit.

  2. Theres was toxic people back on ps3 too back then it just was em kids driving in lambos and sticky bomb everything, now they got mk2s. Shit hasnt changed much, its just peacefull on ps3 now since the game is pretty much dead there and Rockstar doesnt update it anymore so people dont give too much shit anymore too. I myself dont even look at next gen gta online as toxic since i dont care if some kid shoots me up with a mk2. If i want to chill i go in a private lobby thats it. If i want to fight then its a great thing to have many options. Gta online on ps3 just seems super boring to me and i actually enjoy all the new vehicles and dont understand why everyone is like a whiny bitch about em.

  3. Lol i used to enjoy playing gta online ps3 on 2018 because I can't afford ps 4 and it was a blast.right until some modder gave me rp and my account is now banned forever bruh


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