Someone FINALLY FOUND Gavin in Red Dead Redemption 2!?

Red Dead Redemption 2 – Footage of Gavin found in a hidden location! Is the mystery finally solved? Like and Subscribe! New Videos and RDO Livestreams …

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  1. a guy modded the pc version so you could play your character as any npc or animal in the game. he searched the game files for Gavin & there is no npc in red dead 2 named Gavin. Gavin does not exist

  2. Yall are dumb rdr 2 online idk whats the name of the mission but any way when u kill this one rich dude and loot him u get a note that he was gunna mail talking about where to find him and at the bottom it said your friend gavin but i still dont know who he was gunna send it to

  3. I always thought on. Theory of mind he didn’t know his name, a real medical term. Anyway he is GAVIN, I mean what’s this guys name? His behavior when someone is missing is insane & I understand that but this is, I just think he’s Gavin. R* is messing with our minds😂


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