Spec Ops REACT to Call of Duty: Cold War – Fracture Jaw (Vietnam Mission) | Experts React

Spec-ops Cameron and Israel are here to give their thoughts on the game 芦聽Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.聽禄 They’re going back to Vietnam in the mission to take a look at ‘Operation Fracture Jaw’ to test their military history and knowledge of jungle warfare… but mostly to reference era-correct songs and movies. The talk about drugs, guns, and testing your training through combat while Israel gives you the cliff notes on what’s happening in the game.

Mission number three of the campaign is 鈥淔racture Jaw鈥, a flashback mission where you
relive the closest anyone has ever been to capturing Perseus.
In this mission, you head out to an enemy-driven village to find evidence of Soviet presence.
You will find land and air on this mission.
For this mission, you will play as Simms with no appearance of Frank Woods throughout.
Frank Woods plays a major role in the first Black Ops game and is expected to appear in this
Black Ops installment.
As you go through the village, you can use windows to get inside buildings whether for cover
or to navigate across. Be careful though as most buildings have enemies in them.

Cameron Fath: https://www.instagram.com/cameroncfath/
Israel Wright: https://www.instagram.com/myhappyself2/
His twitch channel: https://m.twitch.tv/myhappyself/profile
0:00 Intro
0:31 We have notes!
0:5 Back to ‘nam, baby
2:30 Air Cavalry
3:11 Hot LZ
5:09 You are the protoype
6:19 Are we flying?
8:11 Test yourself
9:09 defending the nuke
11:05 Conclusion
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Spec Ops REACT to Call of Duty: Cold War – Fracture Jaw (Vietnam Mission) | Experts React

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  1. I see many people don't know what Vietnam is like, so they think it's a "house" that you can go in and out of as you please. But when they got there, they understood that they shouldn't have entered that "house".
    COD like Hollyweed has done a good job of showing a lie and insulting others, making some Americans think they are strong but in fact they have a bloody tear. I know some people won't like these lines but they must know war is no joke 馃槜


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