SSD game loading test: fastest Samsung 980pro vs OLD SATA SSD vs HDD

Samsung 980pro vs cheap SATA ssd, 3 years old ADATA 920sp vs regular 7200rpm Toshiba HDD

Game list:
Destiny 2
Deus EX: Mankind Devided
Civilzation 6
Far Cry 5
Path of Exile
World of Warcraft
Skyrim Special Edition
Witcher 3
Windows 10

Samsung 980 pro – top performance SSD now, only Intel Optane faster (but same or slower on sequential read and x3 expensive). Samsung 980 pro Its NVME, M2, PCI-E SSD disk with MLC memory, can read up to 3500mbs compare to regualr SATA SSD can only 500mbs.
How faster game loading on that fast SSD?
I comapre Samsung 980pro 512gb with 3-4 years old, cheap SSD ADATA 920sp 256gb – this is regular cheap SSD similar with any cheap SSD you can buy now in store, its about twice cheaper then Samsung 980pro for same capacity.
Test result: in most tests Samsung 980pro is better, but insignificantly – it loading time just few seconds less then cheap disk. In many test its no or almost no difference. Some time slow SSD work even faster then 980pro! I dont know, what wrong, maybe overheating problem of Samsung 980pro – its really hot drive, idle temperature already 55-60C, under load it very fast grow and can reach 90 or even 100C!
In most cases Samsung 980pro can load games and apps faster for 1-3 seconds (no more then 15%) then regualr cheap SATA SSD. Worth it twice price? Your choise.
About HDD – its make you wait several times more, but in most game its not big deal.

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  1. спасибо добрый человек, сэкономил порядка 5 тысяч, везде одна реклама как все круто у самсунг по сравнению с остальными и прочее.

  2. Thanks for all the real world tests. Your effort is much appreciated! It's clear that SSD's become so fast that were hitting other bottlenecks, like CPU, GPU which need to pre-render things, put in in the RAM memory etc. Even with 100 times faster SSD's, the load times might go from 10 to 9 or 8 seconds at best. Not very exiting anymore 🙂 Basically, any half decent SSD is perfectly fine for gaming. And your English is fine, no worries. It was easy to understand. Keep up the good work and thanks again!

  3. Ахуетельный тест, чел, прям то что искал, спасибо тебе. Если бы в wow первую загрузку при входе к нему добавил и загрузки в Total War Warhammer (тоже долгие что пиздец) то вообще можно было бы раз и навсегда закрыть эту тему.

  4. I can't believe how much the price of SSDs has changed since this was made. A 1TB 970 Evo is now $250. I can get a 1TB 660p for $110, but I think I may step up to an HP EX920 for $150. It's a $40 premium, but the performance of it is generally at the high end of the market for what is not a terrible premium for what you get over the entry level 660p. A SATA SSD isn't even a purchase I would consider anymore as much as NVMe SSD prices have fallen, because a cheap NVMe drive hardly costs any more than a cheap SATA drive does now. In fact, the 660p is the cheapest 1TB SSD on the market at the moment, NVMe or SATA. I'm so glad to see that high capacity, high speed SSDs are finally affordable by the masses.

  5. За старания лайк. Хотя новость совсем не новость. Так как скорость загрузки игры зависит от движка – как он написан и насколько распараллелен. Как правило, загрузка идет в однопоточном режиме, поэтому весь потенциал скорости NVMe остается незайдействованным. И жесткий диск у тебя не такой уж и плохой. Мой WD Green вообще в бенчмарках что-то вроде 85-90мб/с выдает. И когда поставил ssd (860evo) под игры, они грузились не в два раза быстрее (как у тебя), а в 3-4 раза.


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