Stop using VPNs for privacy.

Unfortunately, I had to remove the « PatreonVPN » joke. I have severely underestimated people’s stupidity and getting 10 comments per day saying « you say don’t use vpn but ur sponsored by patreonvpn!!!! » is getting old. Patreon is not a VPN, but you can use it to support my channel (if you want)!

« Don’t use VPN services » by joepie91 –

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Stop using VPNs for privacy.

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  1. VPNs dont work. Ever. Let me explain exactly why they don't work (and do work). They only work if you are on a public network (such as public unsecured open wifi or guest) and you are on your work laptop. Connect to a VPN via this public open wifi and your connection is secure. All is encapsulated and not even superman can decipher what you are transmitting. If torrenting or on the dark web, your traffic is private but it knows your actual IP AND the vpn service server IP you are connecting to. Including the destination. You are naked AF if you are trying to hide your IP. If you are torrenting and they find you are downloading JaRule's album, and if the record company wants to pursue your butt, JaRule's going to get you by hiring an investigation to find your IP. Authorities will request from the VPN service to hand over the IP. Authorities contact your ISP to get your info, they go to your door (often they send you warning first). But if you keep doing it, they will come to you and make you pay the fine or Jail. JaRule wins. VPN is only ideal for work related tasks and data. If you are a journalist and want to avoid detection of whatever it is you are writing, best to use TOR.

  2. Hello greetings from Lima, I'm already going crazy with this, could you help me please? what does this mean? Your IP address was reported as an open proxy. And how do I solve it, I changed my mobile and everything started there, my previous instagram was blocked like fb without understanding anything, now I try to open a new one and what my proxy comes out.

  3. I definitely agree with many points made in this video, but in a perfect world where you can trust all vpn providers a vpn is better than without for stopping some basic data collection. Yes, there are many VPN providers who are connected to intelligence agencies. Obviously you don’t want to use your personal social media with a VPN, but I would much rather have a company with a 100% track record of not storing user data, compared to a US government connected ISP who has entire warehouses with the sole purpose of recording all data.


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