Strange Man Explained & Identity Revealed (Red Dead Redemption 2)

This video focuses on Strange Man’s story in Red Dead Redemption and Red Dead Redemption 2, and explains who or what he is.

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Comment (32)

  1. all the years i played rdr1 and for some reason i dont ever remember seeing uncles grave, i eve thought to myself, where did they put uncle bc the only two graves i ever saw were john and abigals

  2. EVERYONE takes Strange Man says as FACT, I used to as well, But, a LOT of what he says is NOT TRUE! The only "Fact" is that about 50% is completely MADE UP! Most of what he claims does not come from facts, truth or evidence & has NO "proof" behind it in any way shape or form, just his own personal "Ideas", Many of which I have personally proven to be Wrong! & a Lot of it are just these ridiculous jumps to insane conclusions. Like in this video, the "I gave Everything For Art" writing definitely does NOT refer to Strange Man seeing Millions of peoples Playthroughs!! WTF!?! He is guessing, so @Strange STOP claiming its all "Fact", change your vids to "My Opinion".

  3. imagine rockstar made a npc that only appears like at 0.001 chance and tell you he knows your playing a game and suddenly control your character and kill it and then close your game.

  4. If you read Arthurs journal the very first writings, theres something about John meeting a guy in blackwater who sounded like Trelawny but wasnt actually him. Could this be referring the very first meeting of John and Strange man?

  5. So basically Herbert moon sold his souls to the devil and the devil is the strange man but I’m a human form,when you make a deal with the devil things around you are bad and people are harmed and they die,but you can be in perfect health(if that’s what you requested from Satan)so this is all herberts fault in a way

  6. U forgot the first encounter with John he shoots 3 bullets at the strange man 3 bullets for each grave where he said “THIS IS A NICE SPOT” the same spot where uncle Abigail and John are buried then when John shot his 4th his gun jammed reference to Jack being sparred


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