Streamaster – How To -Authorize Real Debrid in two Minutes

UPDATE as of 7/18/2021: SM2 (Red box) is no longer being supported after July 2021. If your box has stopped working or updating, this is the reason. It’s not you… 🙂 Live TV should still work for now. There are other alternatives…. More coming soon…

UPDATE 10/2021:
Streamaster now has a new update which changes the look and feel similar to a version used last year. It is now much faster and more functional than the earlier version. I will be updating my videos to reflect these changes very soon. I will also update my Tips and Tricks .PDF document as well! Stay Tuned!

This quick tutorial shows how to authorize Real Debrid using the Add-Ons Section or doing it individually for each add-on. Real Debrid is a service that, although not required, greatly increases the effectiveness of one click access to movies and TV shows. Cost averages around $16-$18 semi-annually.

Streamaster – How To -Authorize Real Debrid in two Minutes

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