Streaming | I7 9700K vs R7 2700X vs I9 9900K vs I7 8700K |

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  1. what about 9700k with 1060 6gb? i know i'll have a gpu bottleneck but that's good for gaming and i'll upgrade the 1060 6gb in like 7 months. But would it be good for streaming Fortnite.

  2. So basically, I’m on a bit of a budget, I have quite a bit of money saved up though, I’ve done research but there’s been a bit of conflicting opinions going around, I just want to know if getting the i7 9700k would be good and work fairly fine for me if I was recording yt vids, and streaming? would also overclocking it give similar kind of frame rates to i9 9900k?

  3. What are those lines lol. It would have been nice if they were all measured in the Dave way. Looking at the FO 76 benchmark in the begging based on the bars alone is really odd. It makes it like like the 8700k is getting a small fraction of the frame rate it has when it isn't streaming.

  4. Kudos for the great work, collecting all these data. One question, did u check the viewer side's frames? Was is constantly 60fps or similar? These look like just the streamer side framerates, but if the viewers side frames are crap then the cpu is also crap.

  5. AMD definitely has value to performance on this one, but for those few games where there’s a 40fps difference, I recommend the 9700K if you plan on streaming and want those insane frames.


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