Streaming | Ryzen 9 3950X vs I9 9900K | Tested 14 Games |

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  1. I use a 3900x 2080ti for streaming and gaming. Always ran a single pc setup. From 8700k 1080ti, to 8700k 2080ti, and now the 3900x. Frame rates don’t matter your audience is limited to 60 FPS anyways. 8700k ran pubg for me at over 120fps 3900x is the same but a lot smoother all while streaming. Yes you do get an advantage using dual PCs for streaming but at additional cost.

  2. Amazing how the amd machine still is sooo much slower in 90% of titles and is $350 more to build. Fantastic chip and worth it but they really cant make a gaming chip to save their life. I would take a 3950 over a 9900k if both were free, but really gaming is what needs future proofing in a rig. It is clear that 9900k or 9900ks is the answer to work great for the next 2-3 years as one’s specs get stretched.


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