SuperCharge KODI with Real Debrid – HD links Everywhere!

Kodi: The REAL Solution for HD links is REAL DEBRID. This is a tutorial for signing up for and using Real-Debrid with your Kodi add-ons such as Exodus, Covenant, Specto etc…..

Not all add-ons can be used with Real Debrid but some can and it makes a HUGE difference.
Follow the video if it is something you may be interested in signing up for.
Here is the link to sign up to the real Debrid website. – sign up here

Cost are very small from $2-3 for 15 days access or pay for 6 months worth for less than $20. It is worth it? We say yes! but we recommend you try it to see what it can do for you.

To see if an add-on supports real debrid. click on system (or settings) then add-ons, my add-ons, video add-ons. Here you will see a list of all your add-ons, click on each one and click on configure. Look through the setting for the real-debrid option to turn on or to sign in.

SuperCharge KODI with Real Debrid – HD links Everywhere!

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  1. Hey I had a question for you about real debrid happy 4th it's been awhile since I use it but I noticed a big change in the links I signed up with real debrid on my phone that's where my account is a my other device is NVIDIA SHIELD TV pro now my daughter wants to watch him a movie it could be any movie I click the movie on and it says would real-debrid the only thing available is torrent links which I know nothing about I clicked on a torrent link and a message appeared saying saving download to real-debrid URL cloud so I going to my should I go into my phone because that's where my account is we real debrid I see in there at the bottom where file name is the movie appears there with a movie Ikon projector and the download reading is saying 0 and just keep spinning around I don't know what to do from there the only thing I'm trying to do is get my daughter to be able to stream the movie in Nvidia Shield


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