The 10 Types of GTA Online Players in 2021

GTA in 2021 is a different beast. These are the top 10 players you will find.

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GTA trolling

The 10 Types of GTA Online Players in 2021

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Comment (42)

  1. Identify the tryhard who bullies people into submission only if they killed him without provocation. That’s me, along side being a money grinder and a glitcher.

  2. What type am i? Made account 20.12.2019, Made it to lvl 530, made over 550mil gtadollars, All legit on jobs. I still do races and adversary with friends, we still playing doomsday heist, casino, perico, selling bunker and nightclub on full lobbyes. I have many friends, ppl asking me to help them w missions when they get stucked.
    But i still have kd over 2.0, im able to fight every tryhard back, when i see griefer, im able to complicate his life like really bad. I have all properties and love my cars collection. I like playing with nooblets, helping them make some money. I never start fighting but i Also dont kill myself or leave when loosing. GTA for me is about people, i like when i meet someone with good vibes, doing funny stuff.
    Searching for Job pros to make criminal mastermind with them. Thats my latest goal.
    So im a combination of grinder, troll, car guy, tryhard sometimes (i scope third person, moving thru running with my elite controller), i do races, contactmissions, anything that makes me have fun with friends.
    And u forgotten one specific group of players. This appears somehow trendy last year, its guys pretending being girls. Not just female character and Pink weapons/vehicles. Also account pics and when they text u, they use kissing emojis and hearts. You recognize its a guy when u invite him into game party, they never have mic or another reasons that u cant hear the voice. also when u check games, they got like cod, Forza, fifa, NHL, Mortal Combat in list, no sims4 or another female friendly games. I dont get it why they do it. Some kind od pervercy, hiding gays or what?

  3. Modders I prefer Doughe bag and the interesting thing about a grieger you don't no what happen so when you atak players you don't no how God they are and that gives the kick

  4. im an extrem grinder i buy supplies to 3 mc bussinises and my bunker and while my staff produce product i do preps to cayo perico heist and after i completed the heist once i buy more supplies and after i completed the heist twice i call my boys and they help me sell my shit then i just contiue like that all day so i earn like a little less then 5 mil in 2 h

    ( i dont know if i wrote evrything right cuz swedish is my main language )

  5. I'm am solo guy now. Most of my GTA friends stopped playing the game and I just couldn't be bothered to find new people to play with. Now I'm just glad the cayo pericho heist can be done solo.


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