The AMD Ryzen 3900x vs Intel i9 10900K Is there a Clear Winner?

The AMD Ryzen 3900x vs Intel i9 10900K Is there a Clear Winner? We take 2 similar priced CPUs the AMD Ryzen 3900X and the Intel i7 9900K both selling at …

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  1. Your better off with a ryzen 9 3900x if your playing VR games on steam especially if you're using an Oculus rift or Oculus S because you need to have the Oculus Rift or S software running the same time the steam VR program is running and the VR game running. That 3 major programs running at once. AMD Ryzen 9 3900x is what you need.

  2. standard the same would have been using the same memory in each system…..guess that doesn't fit your narrative Geil Memory is garbage compared to team group viper m.2 on a x570 board pcie 4 gen 4 do you really think people are that fucking stupid to believe that intel double the score of a pcie4 board ROFLMFAO maybe you got the numbers mixed up or maybe your just paid for by Intel it hard to tell LMAO or maybe you tested with the barracuda in the AMD and the m.2 in the Intel board. My 3900x will do 545 to 550 single core allday long on cpu-z stock where are you getting these numbers from your ASS?

  3. I dont get it … You are testing CPUs but in most games are GPU limited … Why not testing in medium or low quality ? That would be the correct way to do it when testing CPUs … IMO .

  4. AMD is being over-hyped in many videos. I think there is so much desire for a true competitor to Intel that it's making people speak too soon. AMD still seems to run hot and needs to many "accommodations" to run at 100%

  5. Tech of tomorrow back at it again with benchmark results that represent the tomorrow of bulldozer. Biased reviews that are just way too late do not impress me. Lazyness with how you can quickly skew results is very shameful. Back to Reddit hardware review roundups where the numbers on a huge spreadsheet.


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