The BEST ASSAULT RIFLES in Battlefield 2042 (late 2021 guide)

Here we have my favourites from the Assault Class. Some well known pub stomping weapons are in this list but also there are a few lesser known lasers. What do you think?

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The BEST ASSAULT RIFLES in Battlefield 2042 (late 2021 guide)

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  1. This game has a really good weapon balance. No true meta. Sure you have some guns that are a little more favored, but you could pick any gun in it's class and win.

  2. I thought I was watching my own replay. That map seems to have a playstyle that everyone picks up. Jumping back in after a couple year break and I'm a total scrublord again though. Still a fun game so I don't really mind. I can say the replayability of BF4 multiplayer is much higher compared to CoD and even the later BF games.

  3. I've been using the SAR as long as I can remember and generally flog people with it! Interesting to not see it mentioned once in the video or the comments haha, am I disadvantaging myself?


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