The BEST Free Alternative to KODI on the APPLE TV 4K 📺

The BEST Free Alternative to KODI on the ATV 4K:


✴️ The Best Android TV Box:
✴️ Android Boxes Playlist:
✴️ Android Remote Control Comparison :
✴️ Android TV Box Gamepad Comparison:
✴️ Game Stream:
✴️ Mobile Phones & Tablets:
✴️ Mini PC´s Playlist:
✴️ External Storage:


🅾️ Best Hardware –
🅾️ Best Price for the Performance –
🅾️ Best TV Experience –
🅾️ Best Budget – &


🅿️ Canon:
🅿️ YI24K:
🅿️ FY G5 Gimbal:
🅿️ Monopod:
🅿️ Panasonic:
🅿️ Drone:
🅿️ 50mm Lens:
🅿️ 24mm Lens:
🅿️ Office Lights:



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The BEST Free Alternative to KODI on the APPLE TV 4K 📺

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  1. Hello Roberto. I tried a lot of androit TV boxes / smart boxes and unfortunately I didn't find anything. Unfortunately, I have found time and again that these boxes slowed down very quickly and froze. Overall performance was therefore very weak, I also tested Nvidea Shield, which was also too unstable for me. The only thing I still have is Hi Media Q5, which was relatively good but can no longer be updated. My question to you, can't you even recommend a very, very good Androidbox and test it so that we finally have a reasonably fast box that works with Playstore. I would be very happy for your help.

  2. what is about Perfect Player? or XCIPTV installed on the Apple tv 4k and a VPN Service wich on do you thing would be the bes for Apple TV 4K?
    My Best Regards here from Germany

  3. What do you suggest if I want to create a video or photo slideshow and rent an Apple TV for someone to stream the content? I have a video / image slideshow. I want to lock it in the Apple TV and lend the Apple TV for a business to rent to show my content. Thanks!!

  4. I will never understand why people hate on iTunes so much. I like the fluid nature it has for me. It does what I need it to. I can stream from my Mac to my Apple TV in the living room seamlessly. Plus, all my music bought on iTunes Music works without any issues. Oh, and with my iPhone I can send music to the Apple TV. The eco-system works really well with out any hiccups or need for set ups. Ideas anyone?


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