THE BIG COMPARISON | GTA V vs. Red Dead Redemption 2 PC | ULTRA

I made this BIG GTA V vs. Red Dead Redemption 2 PC comparison to show the differences! There are some surprises… 😉 If you like my video, please SHARE it …

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  1. Im a GTA fan and I was never interested in old Wild-West horse shit, but I gotta admit that RDR 2 is way better than GTA V, not just graphics and visuals, but in almost every way we can compare

    however I prefer Modern crime life, so Id rather play GTA

  2. I like how every red dead 2 fanboy are ignoring the bench destruction at the beggining of the video…michael doing some good damage and the rd2 bench is like all static and shit….still they ignore it….things like these and i have both games


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