The Division 2 | The New Factions (Warlords Of New York Update)

In This video, I take an in-depth look at the War Lords of New York DLC and the new factions that will be coming to the Tom Clancy’s The Division 2. Some Include the OG Rikers, New Black Tusk rushers and even the old LMB shot gunners in a new iteration.

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Comment (43)

  1. Just starting to get back into this game I have 2 questions. I still need just the blueprint for nemesis should I wait till I’m level 40 to get it? Also there’s a bunch of new new gear I want to farm is that a waste doing before the update?

  2. Cant see this being a 4-5 year game. If this expansion cant deliver they may struggle keeping players engaged. With the next gen consoles on the horizon… really we need a division 3. New engine/update, new game play mechanics and more imaginative levels and more player interaction across pvp and pve

  3. Yoooo BulletKing! I farmed the shit out of him! I used to have a LZ names elite route I took 1-2-3 took them all out, then did it all over again 😆 bc high end open world gear was limited in the LZ. I had it down pat taught a bunch of dudes my route got the farming going strong! (BulletKing was tough 🍪)

  4. I wish they used the exact same models as division 1 for the rikers. It would bring back memories. Same with their lines and words. These aspects made the rikers my favorite enemy faction in any game

    As I’m watching this you made a point about new factions. The devs said hunters are back and there is a new faction that is a surprise

  5. Since I haven't played D1, I'm so excited for this. When Keener deployed those guys in Coney Island and they promptly kicked my ass in STORY mode, I knew it was gonna be someting special.

    Stil bummed out by the exotic (not being upgradable) thing, but hey, it's minor compared to everything that's coming.


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