Warlords of New York for Division 2 is now live for PC, PS4 and Xbox. Happy Hunting. BECOME A MEMBER …

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  1. I'm not feelin the update because I feel like I need to re learn the game all over… is it pointless to play the game without buying the new york update… Will I be stuck with shit items even exotics? Thanks for the info (casual player)

  2. I have battled my way through the Capital for hours, hunting down Exotics, and gear that best suits my play-style creating a Regeneration/High-Skill/Elite-Killer build with Chatterbox as my Exotic weapon for the ammo-stack and fire-stack, and Dodge City for the auto-reload for my shotgun or Pestilence when I use it. I was excited for the New York expansion but now I hate it because now my me careful balancing and hours and days of hunting my equipment was F*CKING WAISTED!!!

  3. Can’t afford the dlc so I’m locked at lvl 30. No point playing anymore, got back into the game 2 weeks ago and grinded for a specific build just for it to be ruined in 24 hours. Nice.

  4. I had a half decent chameleon build that I made that had about 19.6k damage and I got on yesterday to find out I have to pay $30 to get to max level and my damage was dropped to just under 6k. I’m fuckin upset with the state of this game

  5. There is absolutely nothing fucking awesome about this update. It's worse than the division one with all of the bullet spunges . They totally broke the game. Bunch of fktards. I had the best pve build ever. Nothing could touch it. 1 to 3 shot kills. They'd just melt. Now it's a bad joke. Healing don't even work. Bullets just whisper in the ears of the enemy. Totally pissed

  6. When people pay $30 USD for something that was constantly being done for free, you just sit back and watch the spilled salt. How does it feel to pay to get your gear nerfed, locked out of the base game until DLC story completion, and go back to a place you already played in 2016?

  7. Just started playing, loving being in New York again, also new levels, new gear system, new missions, overall a lot of fun. My PVP and PVE perfected builds are gone now, but whatever, time to make new ones.

  8. The changes are too much I have to sit and recalibrate so much.. they think this is fun for us to switch over? And then have to run through maps to unlock? This is their idea of content? No one even knows if it is even any good yet cause it is such a pain in the ass. I have a few hours to play after work and cant even get through the map unlocks yet.. This is painful not fun.


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