The Division 2: Warlords of New York – Ending [HD 1080P]

Ending of The Division 2: Warlords of New York. Complete walkthrough: …

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  1. Maybe this sounds weird, but Keener was actually my number 1 video game villain.
    I actually got nervous going onto Liberty Island, knowing I was chasing my biggest enemy.
    The Division 1 already got me hooked on the story so much that I just couldn't wait to see how this would end.

    And yes, alot of people are disappointed but I was actually scared they would keep him alive to milk him further in TD3, so I was personally happy I got to kill him.
    Faye Lau was a unexpected plot twist for me tho, definitely did not expect that.

  2. I fucking knew that Lau was a traitor.
    In midway through Manhunt(2 men down), while collecting collectibles-listening them-and comms while doing the missions, Lau was suspicious.
    I don't know how to say, but she wasn't so eager to kill the lietaunants, and she didn't give any information on the operations, just gave some couragement while killing the lietaunants.
    And in the last god damn seconds, while intercepting the enemy radio response and hearing Lau, I said out loud "I FUCKING KNEW IT". But still not sure, then the cinematic comes to the screen, I screamed louder.

  3. Man what the fuck happened to our division 1 character. Since it looks like they are setting up a third game they have to do something maybe let us choose if we play as our New York agent or dc agent with altered dialogue or maybe let us know what happened. Because a keener threw that gas bomb and killed our agent excuse after all the work and worse things we faced is hella lazy and hopefully not true.

  4. Oh my god, seriously how many times is this whole "You don't know what's coming" bullshit gonna happen. Can't we just get a villian who's not all "I've got a backup plan" as their last words and just have something like "Is it so wrong that I took charge to create a better future" you know. Sure the villain is gonna have a backup plan just don't make it so damn obvious. And what is with that twist how D1's agent coordinator is now a bad guy like come on now they are just pulling these out of the cliche box. Not saying it's a bad one but they are gonna have to explain the [email protected]$% out of it otherwise it's just gonna fell like it came out of left field. What would be amazing however is if they actually USED UPLAY FOR ONCE and acquired what your D1 character looked like (for old fans) and have your character be the twist bad guy that betrays the Division. Imagine, you go the entire DLC talking about your character than BOOM plot twist your character comes back, kills/ kidnaps your new buddy and the original is all like "Bet you'd didn't see that coming did you agent?". I think that would've been a much more interesting twist than just "Your old partner is bad now because she lost her sister" and yes her reason has to be her sister either died or shes doing it for her sister (Yall probably thought I forgot about that side mission huh) cause that's the only motivation she has to betray the Division.

  5. what a BS .
    the game became Famous Because of PvP . but now TD2 want 30 bucks for Short PVE content every few months , Pay to Win Style
    Next Content LvL 50, weapons – sword and stones .


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