THE MINI-MAP IS BACK! – Call of Duty Modern Warfare (BETA)

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Gameplay (Multiplayer Gameplay) BETA. Modern Warfare Added the Mini-Map back for multiplayer, but there is one thing changed …

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  1. with the great gameplay and realistic graphics, and also the fact that when HQ is down, you cant respawn, having the mini-map off makes it more realistic and if you like to play slowly, it really enhances the gameplay for you since you have to listen for footsteps and shooting, but as long as they have the option to turn it off, having it off for everyone seems like a nice change in the game

  2. Only reason “pro” players are “pro” is because of the minimap/constant radar. None of them play hardcore and it shows. It’s sad that in order to be a good player they need the minimap. Not talking shit about you Hollow, but I’ve seen a lot of the pro players complain about the minimap and I was genuinely excited that there wasn’t a constant map radar.


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