The Most Iconic Fight in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

There was MANY iconic moments in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot that I can’t wait to play. But before those, Goku VS Vegeta hands down has to be one of the most …

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  1. A saiyan has to lose their tail to turn super saiyan. Super saiyan 1 is still wayyy stronger than monkey form. Ironically to get super saiyan 4 you need to have a tail, hence why they grow it back in GT but it's not really canon

  2. Honestly, and this is just my opinion here… but the game is fantastic all the way through the Saiyan Saga… then it sorta drops off…The Frieza saga is alright, but not as impressive, and so far the Android saga is pretty whatever now too. The quality in the bossfights just declines so much.

  3. My favourite dbz moment was with the T4S abridge version… the gohan fight in the og dbz was fucking awesome but the T4S version was on a completly diferent level… AND THE MUSIC GOD THE MUSIC!!!! all the hairs on my body just went "HERE TAKE MY ENERGY!!! OHHHHoooohhOOOOHH!!!"


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